Sunday, 9 June 2013

Hostel in a House & The blue Eye blond hair German Boy

The first hostel that was like a home in a apartment with no one else but me or so I thought. Not a bad pick for a getaway from your own holiday which I now somewhat understand why long travelers just camp out days in the hostel when there is so much to explore.

Its tiring traveling ….

I decided to stay for four days to recuperate and just chill in the quiet corner and catch up in rest and more long awaited journal writing. I had to also planned my next fast track route with no rest all the way to England. So I decided since there was a small kitchen with basic facility to went grocery shopping.

One big packet of German Sausage ( 12 pcs )
One tray of Egg ( 12 eggs )
One packet of cheese ( 12 pcs )
A jar of mayonnaise
A large loaf of bread
A full packet of onions ( 5 big pcs )

That was supposedly my supply for lunch and dinner for four days worth of food.  A bit too much for me alone but there was a reason for it. It was cheaper to buy in bulk even considering throwing away one third of it. I guess there was also always the idea of leaving the balance behind for the next backpacker who’s on a budget. 

Leave a note …. “Extra food for all” … that was my idea anyway …

Then came my housemate in the wee evening checking in and although we both paid for the cheapest dorm room there was, the owner was so kind to give us both our own room since there was practically no one there.

My housemate “Bluey” … somehow the name fits as he was in a blue mood most of the time considering his life situation and his blue eyes.

Bluey was a blue eyed blond hair German boy in the early thirties. His story was like any other … a bachelor in the pursuit of happiness. He came to Leipzig to find jobs and had almost no money left other than to pay the rent for the dorm. While cooking I asked if he would join me and before I knew it I was cooking and feeding a new weird friend for three days. I had the extra food anyway which I had to explain the theory before he would even consider taking my food. A pure gentleman he was trying to make it on his own two feet.

Bluey and I exchanged stories from all sorts of stuff from politics, hobbies, sports, ideology, religion and culture since we basically were just hanging out for dinner everyday and just chatted till late night before sleep.

The one that stuck in my head after nearly a year since the trip will always be of the German culture mindset change due to the WWII. According to Bluey before the world war the Germans were proud people, they had pride in being a nation or country but after the war it was changed. The Germans were still proud in the sense of making good cars like BMW or being technologically advance or still being afloat during the Euro crisis but would no longer show a sense to fight/die for your country. He told me that kids were thought of the WWII and being on the losing side will always have an effect on the people.

Bluey told me of how when young he would be shown on TV the torture and suffering of the Holocaust and kids would ask their parents why did German people did it which was truly difficult to answer. The effect resulted in what I would consider a very kind / overly friendly German people. So much so polite they were that you’ll come to love em more than the rude Italians or Uncooperative Greeks. Then again its just what I felt at that time.

My thanks from Bluey for the food was one shared small bottle of German Whiskey Jagermeister.


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