Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Leipzig My Getaway Town

My miserable days in Berlin due to the cold weather was too much to bear so I was now looking for a place to chill relax and just box up in a warm room for a few days. I ended up in Leipzig by staring at the Germany map after many hours in the hostel dorm.

Why Leipzig …. I have no idea but it seam like the less touristy place of all and it was about time for a recharge pit stop anyway.

Leipzig Train Station

There was not much choices of hostel in Leipzig and I went on to chose the cheapest there was about 10euro a night which was way out of town. It was really far from the train station or main town square in a sense you need to take a bus ride for 15 minutes or at lease an hour and half walk.

HomePlanet-Hostel was the name of the place.

The location was very local … right smack in the middle of the local residency. There was nothing there touristy and when I turn up at the door step ringing the bell I found my self not in a hostel but in a local resident apartment. The owner had improvised the place to become a hostel and with the current internet cyberspace these days it was easy to get an account on hostel world or hostel bookers and he was trying to set up some sort of mini business.

Not a bad idea thou he had lots more to improve since there was no reception hence if you arrive without advance notice and the owner is drinking at the bar … you probably sleep at the pavement since the owner don’t stay there as well.

I was almost left sleeping at the pavement as well ……

Still it was a cozy place very comfortable and best of all during the winter month of November it was practically empty. Cold November plus not so touristy town plus far far away hostel left me with the whole apartment to myself .… or so I thought at first till my housemate buddy showed up later. ( another story on the next post )

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