Monday, 27 October 2014

The Little Misfortune While Traveling

It’s been 5 days now in Sydney. So far things was not fantastic nor boring so I guess I have to be contented. Day 1 was spend with free walking tour, Day 2 as get lost day in Sydney and somehow started venturing Casino …. Knew it was a bad idea but I guess it’s in the blood. Luckily I won AUD 80 which is a plus. However lost it all on day 4 and a bit more. Day 3 was spent at the Taronga zoo … seeing all the animals that I never seen before. Penguin, Seal, Kangaroo, Koala, Tasmanian devil, and some others. It was an awesome zoo which could have took the whole day but due to me trying to catch the whale watching boat had to skip most parts of the zoo. Worst part … miss the whale watching boat. Luckily they allow me to catch the next day …. So Day 4 was whale watching.
A photo of the Poor Box ... since I was feeling down

Start of problem I had so far which is annoying like hell is the refusal to believe that my body has been too lazy for the last two years. Just by walking 3 days in a row my right knee somehow became twisted (I know that now since it healed). Must be from the way I walked carrying the backpack on the first day. Now I am more careful but still that was a sudden scare for me …. What if it was permanent and I would have to travel the whole year with a bad knee … would it get worse and what if it needs medical attention.
Good thing I did not panic and decided to rest most of day 3 and never left the bed for nearly 18 hours other than food and toilet. A little self-massage and a deep heat ailment bought on day 4 did the trick so I am back as good as new.
Second headache was motion sickness. When they say travel young while you can … it also applied to travel young while you don’t have that motion sickness. I used to be quite ok during my younger days but as the years pass it slowly creep in. Starting by getting giddy, then totally affected by the motion. Partially its mental issue I suspect since I have seen my fair share of people with motion sickness. See someone sickness and it becomes yours slowly. It totally got out of control during the whale watching and I was so dead sick by the end of the trip I don’t know if the whale experience was a good one or a lousy one. Still seeing a whale teaches her cub how to swim and smack that pectoral fin and do a body flip was so cool (that’s all I saw before becoming too see sick to move). So I now have a backup motion sickness pills in my backpack.
My charging cable died. How in the world can a USB charging cable decide to not work anymore is beyond me. No indication of damage cuts or abuse yet during the night it would charge and when Iwoke up it was no longer charging. Gave me a fucking scare since I thought my phone was not working instead since it would not start up (No Batteries). Luckily again I somehow decided last minute before leaving the house in Malaysia to chuck a spare cable. That worked well but now I dun have a data cable …. For the cable that spoilt was the one that allows data transfer between phone and lappy. The spare can only charge batteries.  DUH !

These are not serious trouble I guess but still annoying as hell …

Well beyond that all seem fine.


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