Friday, 10 February 2017

A Day Trip to Sarnath

Day 4 at Varanasi. Dad says I am staying too long at Varanasi and that I needed to move on. That was weird …. For I always thought I was moving too fast even when I stay for 6 days since it was always less than a week. Still this was one place that I did not get bored of exploring. The air-con room choice was a good one for without it I would have probably had leave already. Comfort was there and interesting places to explore Varanasi was indeed a tourist heaven.

Day 4 and I had did my homework the day before slowly telling people about Sarnath and have now convince at least one person to join me on my trip there. I wanted more people to share so the Tuk Tuk ride would be cheaper. Morning breakfast and Jerrad from Chicago said yep he is in and with that more and more people joined in. Leon woke up at 10 and said he was in too and with that we had 3. Waiting downstairs for everyone to gather and more and more joined in … Total number 5 of us.

Tuk Tuk negotiation time as we head out of the hostel. 5 big guys and we played hard ball bargaining a single Tuk Tuk to take us to and fro to Sarnath for only 100 rupee a peson. I had known the going price was 200 rupee single way which adds up to about 400 rupee return. We were paying 500 return and it was a pretty good deal for 5 of us. Only thing was we had to squeeze into the tuk tuk for a half an hour ride. We also had a crazy driver … almost hit multiple people, bicycle and played chicken with a bus and also almost got hit by a bus … but we survived.

Sarnath was a simple place like all Buddhist places. The dear park had dears in it. Like a zoo. The temple which I had no idea exist was there marking the spot where Buddha gave his first sermon after enlightenment. There was an entrance fee of 100 rupee and a stroll around the park was serene and peaceful. Some might find it even disappointing for there is not much to see.
Sarnath with its many temples built near the UNESCO heritage site

The Ruins of Sarnath

The simple temple which marks the Spot where Buddha gave his first Sermon after Enlightenment  

Dear Park - Sarnath

Sarnath - India
Left after about 2 hours and head back to the hostel with the same tuk tuk.

I spent the day just relaxing and hiding away from the heat. Night time and I went out to look for a train ticket to Bodh Gaya which ironically brought me back to the Ghat. Got the ticket at a high price of 530 rupee and headed back to the hostel.

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