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The Pink City of Jaipur – India

Recalling Jaipur I was so tired I was not pleased when the hostel was located at a faraway location from any sorts of sights. Being set in a residential neighbourhood this hostel was really far away, no busses, no trains, no food.

The one thing that annoy me the most was the food. No food nearby. It took me about 2 hours walking round and round going in a bigger circle to a bigger circle till I finally found some resemblance of food. That was at least a 20 minute walk from the hostel.

The Pink Turban Hostel. Because the hostel was hot with lousy air conditioning (Although they were using a desert cooler and a huge one too) WIFI that barely works and a location that sucks big time I was not pleased with Jaipur. 

New Jaipur - The Pink City

A typical Street inside the Pink City - Jaipur

The Pink City Gate - Jaipur
I only did two things in Jaipur …. Visit the Pink City which was not really pink and not really pretty thou it was a walk like any other walk though India big cities. Streets dedicated to Sari, streets dedicated to jewellery, streets dedicated to chapatti …. You get the idea … the only new thing I saw was a street that was dedicated to Marble carving. That was a sight to see but any stuff worthy of spending Rupee was too big to carry. 

I got persuaded by some people from the hostel that I should and must visit the actual Jaipur which was far far away and has a famous fort call the Amber Fort. I though the Pink City was the old city of Jaipur but apparently it was the new Jaipur.  

So I made my way … rickshaw was draining my funds in Jaipur and that did not even get me to my destination and I had to take a bus. Amber fort thou was quite a worthwhile visit, grand and ever charming. Touts and friendly Indian guides will pester you to get a guide …. It’s not worth visiting without a guide they would say, you will be wasting your money …. Rs 200 rupee for a foreigner entrance ….

I find it f*cking rude of Indians who seems to think they, and when I say they I mean every f*cking single individual with different minds and idea whom seems to think they are all knowing and all wise. They give the off air vibe that you tourist don’t know what you are doing …. Follow me I will make your trip memorable till I part you with your money and then you will feel cheated like a Indian. 

I went in without a guide …. Read the tablets information post every now and then and just went nook and corner exploring …. One of the security guard saw me wandering everywhere and asked me to follow ….

He could not speak much English but was kind enough to show me all the hidden rooms of the fort and best view of the place such as hidden staircase that gives amazing view upstairs. Just when I was starting to profoundly hate Indians …. This chap alters my narrowing view of India …. 

Amber Fort - Jaipur

Amber Fort - Jaipur

Amber Fort - Jaipur

Amber Fort - Jaipur

Amber Fort - Jaipur
Its people … Its people …. Just that most Indians are cheats …. At least at tourist places.

Travelled on : Sep 2015

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