Sunday, 27 August 2017

One Week Road Trip Malaysia – A mini Adventure Around Malaysia

This all started back in Nov 2016 when I decided to resign from my ex company Gammon of 9 years working which also gave in to my selfish request of two sabbaticals. Why did I quit … well that’s another story but the one thing I did felt relieve when I quit was …. 

I wouldn’t have to ask them for the third sabbatical ….. *think mischievous evil laughter thoughts*  

So I had a break … in between jobs and I had about a week of free time. It’s been a year since I came back from the second sabbatical and boy is my soul crying for a trip … 1 week … what can I do, I pondered in the bus on the way back to home to KL from Singapore … 

A few days before, I WatsApp to Dad …..

Me : Can I borrow your car for a week from 23 Nov ? 

Dad : You come back ? 

Me : Yep, Leave approved

Dad : ok 

A four hours bus ride from Johor to kl is enough to cook up some rough plan that put back some excitement into my bones. I was going to take my Dads car and drive it around peninsular Malaysia in the next one week that I have …. A mini adventure around Malaysia … it’s been a while …. Plus it will serve as a guide for the bigger planned travels. 

Wat time will you be leaving tomorrow asked Dad ?? 

Wake up and go ??? ….

How I love spontaneous travel …. My brains firing all possibility telling some of my friends the route and the next hours the plan changes again. 

The details always changes till the journey begins and then the adventure become a memory and a mistake becomes fond.

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