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7 Day Road Trip Malaysia – Fireflies at Kuala Sepetang - Taiping

So I found the only hostel in Taiping quite easily … I actually booked it a few hours ago as I figured if it’s the only one I better book just in case since there won’t be a backup … luckily too coz it looked like a full house thou the people seamed confined to their individual rooms.

Checked in and as I met my roommates … yukov eukov and Jamie while they asked the hostel manager about Kuala Sepetang and how to get there to see the firefly. My ears perked up and asked if they were planning to see this Kuala Sepetang that was 20 minutes’ drive. Yes they said but then they did not know I drove so they were still grilling the hostel manager on how to get there. 

Immediately I said,
Boat to See Fire Flies
let’s go guys I can drive there, 730pm right to see the fireflies …. We only had an hour left …. Their stunt look was priceless but in less than 10minutes I was driving again. So I basically just check in and grabbed 3 backpackers and left for Kuala Sepetang …. How I enjoyed the spontaneity. 

One Canada - one Holland - one Finland – One Malaysian …. Cool …. 

For some reason the GPS decided to bring us though small road .. like road just big enough for one car to go through … reminds me of those kampong paddy field road … luckily it was paved but with a full load of 4 guys I was worried at every bump that the bottom would be scrape … in fact I scrape it a few time too. :…

Came out of a jungle and holy crab we found a huge Hindu temple. Detour I said and parked the car for a quick look. Initially I thought it was a Shiva temple since I saw the signs and the blue bodied god but then after rounding and finally looking at the biggest piece on top of the temple I realised it was a Brahma Hindu temple.

Hindu Temple dedicated to Brahma - Taiping
This was really rare … when I was travelling the whole of India I have only seen one temple dedicated to Brahma and here in Malaysia somewhere between Taiping and Kuala Sepetang I found another, with all 5 heads intact …. 
Brahma Temple - Taiping
Moving on we rushed to Kuala Sepetang and at the pier we just missed the bout out like 5minutes 

Somehow I had a feeling that we were being scammed but I had no way to prove it. Original price RM 20 per pax to go see firefly and a minimum of 8pax … but the dear boat man will take 4 of us or one of us as long he got the minimum 150 per trip … dinner first and hopefully more people later at 830 to share the cost …. 

Kuala Sepetang River Cruise - Firefly RM 20
Dinner I was tasked to order … and I dun really know how to order Chinese food … in the end due to the expansiveness of seafood (surprising since it’s a fishing village-and also the reason I feel being scammed) I ordered the lay man dish … hokkien mee , fried tang hun, thai style fried rice and chicken local style and a baby Kailan …. Have to say they did enjoy the local local food 

Times up and we were the only one so RM150 divided by 4 … nearly double oh well everyone was converting ringgit to some other currency so we went to see firefly. 

New Friends to enjoy the Fireflies
 I have to say, despite being from Malaysia I have never seen the fireflies. It’s everywhere in Malaysia another tourism wonder but downplayed so much only the adventurous or nothing better to do idiots spend the time to go see them. While I decided not to overnight at Kuala Selangor to see it I was glad I got to experience it in Kuala Sepetang. 
Leaving Dock to see Fireflies in Kuala Sepetang
Who knows, seeing stuff blinks a night can be so wonderful

The drive back to the hostel was much better as the GPS brought us though good roads instead of the backyard trail. After that was the usual philosophical talks with beer and cigs that happens in all random stranger gathering in hostels.

Travelled on: Dec 2016
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