Thursday, 9 November 2017

7 Day Road Trip Malaysia – Towards Taiping, and a Visit to the Oldest Rubber Tree in Malaysia

Carefully setting my GPS not to select the fastest way but the longest way plus no toll and hopefully scenic I headed out towards Taiping.

The drive was always lovely but not much detours. I guess there will be stretch where it’s just driving. I always gape in awe when passing those huge manufacturing kilns in Ipoh … cement factory I think and took a picture on my phone.

Huge Factory around outskirts of Ipoh
Sometime later I passed one signboard that said Malaysian handicraft …. And I passed the building only to quickly stop at the road shoulder. Checking my mirrors, the beauty of country side road …. No cars …. and went into reverse mode.
Malaysian Handicraft Centre - Perak Branch
The Malaysian handicraft centre was a place where they make pottery and had a workshop for tours on how pottery making was about. Unfortunately I was there when the place was closed. There was an event in one of the big towns and all their pottery makers were out showcasing their handicraft.
Old Forgotten Pottery
Somehow I missed Victoria Bridge along the way, supposedly a scenic bridge and before I knew it I was in Kuala Kangsar, the main town of Perak where the Sultan Residence is.
Perak River
Oldest Rubber Tree in Malaysia
Interesting fact of Kuala Kangsar, the first Rubber Tree even planted in Malaysia is here in the heart of the city. Rubber tree is not native to Malaysia and was planted for economic reasons. This useless trivia will now be stuck in my head forever …

The Rubber Tree
Slow drive to Taiping …
The Malaysia country road
Travelled on: Dec 2016

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