Sunday, 3 December 2017

7 Day Road Trip Malaysia – Detours Detours and more Detours … towards Gerik

The drive to from Taiping to Gerik was simple taking it slow and easy till I reached Sauk where I did a slow drive though the kampong (village).
Town of Sauk - Malaysia
After driving pass the town crawling at 10km an hour, I decided this was the place for lunch and picked a restaurant for fresh water fish. Or at least I think it is … how much I asked and they said about RM 7 a fish … all this was in hokkien/Cantonese mind and I am rubbish at it but at RM 7 I tot it was dirt cheap. 

"Pak Su Kong"
One fish “Pak Su Kong” a vegetable dish called “Mak Choi” and rice … the bill came out to be RM 49 … so apparently the fish was RM 7 for 100 gram … felt so cheated but it was a great meal non the less. 

After lunch I took the detour trying to get to Chenderoh hydroelectric Dam but at the end of the detour there was a guard post and he said not open to public. Apparently people work there and a small community stays there within the government quarters. Wasted detour but oh well back on the road to Gerik.

Somewhere between Sauk & Gerik
Every chance I get I took a detour off the main road to the parallel small road but other than plantation there was not much to be seen. Reached Gerik and it was decision time … to stay or to try my luck at Royal belum rainforest resort …. Could not find anything worth staying for so after topping up fuel I headed to Royal Belum resort. 

Somewhere Between Sauk & Gerik

Approaching Gerik

Onwards from Gerik into the Jungle
Internet price was RM 330 without tax but walk in price was RM 400. I guess Malaysia is the kind of country where booking in advance is cheaper than walking in. I stayed the night in the resort in a room that could accommodate 3people … 

Royal Belum Resort
Slurge but it was a beautiful place to spend the night. At the fringe of the tropical Belum Rainforest it was the gateway into the oldest Rainforest in the world. Even at the fringe I already encountered tons of mosquitos, a family of monkeys and a few bite of leaches when walking around the more forested part of the resort. Eco-tourism is expensive in Malaysia but without it the forest would never survive the hoard of tourist.

Jetty at Royal Belum Resort - Gateway to hire guides into the Tropical Rainforest

Monkeys .... Slowly back away ... - Royal Belum Resort

Jungle Survival Training .... Maybe

Nasi Goreng Kampung - Royal Belum Resort
Travelled on: Dec 2016

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