Sunday, 11 March 2018

7 Day Road Trip Malaysia – Last Day of Mini Adventure and A Near Miss Adventure

Last day was rush day to get back to KL as soon as possible so I could go down to Singapore the following day and not miss my own Elder Brother wedding. Well who’s to know what will happen it was a long drive from Gua Musang to KL anyway. 

Nothing much to note about the drive but the road was marvellous new and wide big double lanes newly laid and amazingly quiet with no cars around. That was the stretch from Gua Musang to Kuala Lipis. There was also nature crossing bridge and much of the overspill from Taman Negara was evident. Not too bad a drive actually … peaceful but boring nonetheless. 

Quiet Drive from Gua Musang to Kuala Lipis - At the Fringe of Taman Negara
Kuala Lipis was stop for lunch going all the way to the central town parking and even walked around for 20 minutes. Nothing of note again … I guess the last day was that sort of trip …. Loss of energy and the sad feeling that the road trip is going to end

Kuala Lipis Town - Malaysia

By the time I reached Bentong just before merging with the main Karak Highway I saw the detour … old road to Gombak and instinctly I veered towards the potential adventure. The roads were small windy with no road sideguards and almost thrilling to drive through full speed and slamming the brakes at corners going as fast as I dared till I almost collided with another on-coming car doing the same shit. 

The car skidded as I slid the rear tire off the tarmac and onto the grass but not before regaining control. The 206 now looked like a rally car, mud splatter and dirt ridden …. I drove on more mindful now that even if I keep to the lane, some other idiots might not. Radio reported massive accident at Karak highway and re-routed people to the old road. More cars appear and thus end my peaceful journey in old road as it become a main one. 

Reaching KL I went home first then with Kim & Bijan confirmation got out to Puchong to finally meet the two riders who travelled round the world for two years straight. Kim & Bijan, unbelievable that they actually gone to south Africa, travelled Mongolia, ride all out in South America and seen much more things than I ever have. 

Alas I have ran out of stories till my next adventure …. 

Next plan is ........ :P  
I’ll leave a link for Kim’s & Bijan adventure for those that are interested in their story :)

Kim & Bijan Travel Memoir
They also published a book which I highly recommend …. Sure did sooth my travelling itch for a few days … but then after … the withdrawal is so so much worst … ( it’s written in good Bahasa Malaysia thou )

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