Tuesday, 18 July 2017

More Tuk Tuk Stories – I’m an Honest Tuk Tuk Driver in India

India is really taking that last mile of travelling out of me. I got to Jaipur and before getting off the bus I could see the faces of the tuk tuk drivers all looking in and pointing to the one tourist in the bus which was me. Step off and immediately I was flanked by these disgusting creatures. I lost my calm …. I despise them really. 

Outer District of Jaipur - India
Once I got my bag it was time to negotiate but even just a short 3 hours ride form Pushkar and I was not in the mood. How much to Pink Turban Hostel …. The standard diversion tactics and Indian playwrights came alive. I was not in the mood and with this one guy who thinks India is great and keep asking why in a obtrusive manor, I really lost my calm. 

How much to Pink Turban Hostel …. If you don’t know you can get loss … 

I know the way, he finally admitted … 120 rupees ….. 

60 rupees I said 

Not possible sir … 100 rupees at lease … 

60 rupees … Yes or No … stop wasting my time … 


Starts walking 


Shouts for another tuk tuk

Ok 60 …. 

I got in and it was two drivers … one to drive and one to distract you …. First time India? … first time Jaipur? Why Pink Turban … so far from city … many good place in Pink City nearby …. WHY WHY WHY ….

I fucking hate India …. All cheats …. 

No cheat in Jaipur … all honest people here …. 

Everyone says that I told him, and all the same story. 

I Honest man I dun like lie, give me a gift from your country, Its not possible for 60 rupee 80 please …. 

I promiss I swear upon my f*cking dead honour ….. shut up and drive me to Pink Turban …. 

Stuck in traffic the guy started yelling to another Tuk Tuk Driver next door in Hindi ….. after a while …. OK you take bag and go with him … he bring you to Pink Turban … 

60 rupee ??? 

I got the f*cking head wobble …. Got out and the bastards zoom away … 60 rupees I asked the new bastard and he said 100 rupee … 

Those guys are cheats I am honest the new tuk tuk driver said …. 

F*cking bastards … 

I decided I will walk to pink turban …. But half way through I gave up when a Tuk Tuk with a smile pulled over 40 minutes later. 40 minutes’ walk managed to calm me down and this time I negotiate without the hostility and settle at a price of 70 rupee …. 

Welcome to Jaipur … the new new tuk tuk driver said ...

I hate this place already.

Traveled on : Sep 2015

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