Sunday, 3 September 2017

One Week Road Trip Malaysia - The Route

Normally I would post as I travel for all my blog and wont be able to tell you the route of my journey till I reach the ‘x’ mark … since normally I don’t know myself where I’ll end up, but this was a journey done in Nov 2016 so …..

This was a trip done by looking at google map ... in a way i was pushing it a bit going too far but seeing the hidden part of Malaysia warmed my soul. Lots of small stops were done but yet many more was missed out since it was only a week of travelling ...

Many a times people ask me ... which was the best country you have ever traveled ?
I could only smile at that answer most of the time ....

More detail stories and vlog coming soon ...

One Week Road Trip Malaysia - Driving Route


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    1. Err ... Sure ... Message me the link so I can read it too 🤣