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7 Day Road Trip Malaysia – A Few Sights in Old Town Ipoh

Day 2 - Rise and shine and off I went to the Ipoh tourism centre which was 2 minute walk from the hotel. Dang I was too early but turning to head back I spotted the first mural, uncle old town white coffee. I smiled as I know I would enjoy this day.  

Me in Old Town Ipoh

Container Hotel - Pod Hotel in Ipoh
Photo shot and a funny mug by accident, I was off exploring Ipoh on foot. Somehow I reached back the hotel lane and walked through what looks like a back alley to find a very local coffee shop but weirdly a lot of tourist eating there. Did not think much about it and ordered a mee-horfun soup and a local Teh for breakfast or brunch. 

The shops crowd was nostalgic seeing the uncles with their newspapers and a pot of tea sitting with confidence as if the place was owned by them. It was reminder for me a feeling of being home, I love my country, I wonder why I never explored it sooner instead of chasing the western countries. 

Passing Time - Ipoh

Coffee Shop of Ipoh
After breakfast I left through the front door, well I actually entered though the back door and now I kinda understand why all the mix match people local and tourist. It was one of those places, a historic landmark lane but still operating as if lost in time.

So the lane was called concubine lane where once upon a time people hide their mistress in this small lane from their wife …. In modern days it would have been the perfect prostitute lane, discrete yet open enough to do business.

This concubine lane also house the more subtle memories of Yasmin Newseum. I only knew her name after her passing when the newspapers wrote about her life's story. Still I feel that we all Malaysian knows her from her work .... the quirky advertisement from PETRONAS every festive season and holiday season.

The stories she spun could not have touch us enough. Alas I was there on the wrong day and it was closed. It will be a must stop when I go on a longer road trip around Malaysia

Yasmin Newseum Entrance is hidden and only marked as such - Good things are hard to find  
Walking around I saw all the standard governmental building in Ipoh and round two rounds it was time to hit the road. I did not want to leave immediately remembering Andrew words that Ipoh takes more than half a day. I could never finish it or do it justice this time but I figured I’ll do it selectively. 
Ipoh Mosque

Ipoh Rail Station .... I think

Ipoh Town Tree
Next Post : Visiting Temples in Ipoh
Travelled on : Nov 2016
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