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7 Day Road Trip Malaysia – Seeking the Mysterious Gua Tambun - Ipoh

Gua Tambun, the carvings or pre historic markings made onto the limestone still exist in Ipoh. This was nearly 3000years ago …. Wiki said so. So I set the waze, Google map and somehow they always try to turn into the restricted army camp in Ipoh.

Gua Tambun - Pre-Historic 3000 Years Markings

F*ck … GPS navigation is f*cked , still I googled going by old fashion way … manual direction and stopping around to ask locals for direction. I went round nearly an hour driving around Ipoh and this place has now become a hunt a trill that I must achieve.   

Thing is, ask a local in Ipoh about Gua Tambun and most likely you will be guided to the Lost World of Tambun which is a water theme park and hotel resort. I can vouch for this for I got so lost in the Taman Taman (Residential Neighbourhood) in Ipoh asking locals walking their dogs, jogging, sweeping their front gate for the location of Gua Tambun and all pointed me to the Lost World of Tambun. Heck driving around Ipoh looking for any tourism signage help will also guide you to the Lost World of Tambun….. facepalm does not even begin to describe my feeling. 

Best way is to just trust google and wiki travel. Planted my GPS as instructed for Caltex Petrol Station Tambun and drive there. The entrance was a small back alleyway leading to a private property, Ipoh BP Polo Field to be exact

The entry point which was through Ipoh BP polo field which is private property. The pre historic sign pointed that way, and a worn out gate had laminated signs that says no tress pressing private property. WTF.

Mini Sign for the location of Gua Tambun Archaeological Markings
Check the guide in wikitravel again and confirm they said jump the fence. Over and a short walk one would not have known we were still in the heart of Ipoh. Horses were grazing free and I had to walk around them till the abandon staircase leading up to the paintings. 
Jump the Fence - Into BP Polo Club Fields Ipoh
Walking Towards Gua Tambun Limestone Wall

Forgotten Path to the Archaeological Site

Horse Grazing freely ...
Along the way a group of undergrad students on the way out approach me for an interview … they wanted to know where I was headed to, and how I knew about the actual Pre-Historic Gua Tambun and what drives me to go all the way out here to see it. In future they said, they were trying to create more awareness and hopefully get the proper funds and care for the historic landmark

A short work later, it was time to climb up the semi rotten stairs and finally I reach the locations of the painting … so just where is this 3000 year old paintings on a wall …. I saw a mark … xx love xx … peace … xx was here …. (Imagine my disappointment in mankind) …. That’s not it and I would be really passed if it was in ruins by some ignorant kids. 

Semi Rotten Stairs to See the Pre-Caveman Markings

Watch your Step - Walking to Gua Tambun

The Starting Point .... Look for the Markings
 After a while I found them … high up about 15m above, intact and beautiful. I guess the vandal could only reach the lower 3m mark and thankfully for that, the paintings was untouched. Still it was opened to weather and water drips from the limestone all day so one day it will all be gone. A historic marvel …. 
Gua Tambun - Pre Historic Markings

Gua Tambun - Pre Historic Markings

Gua Tambun - Pre Historic Markings

Lime Stone Weathered .... We can only Imagine that this Cliff Edge Used to be a Cave
Exploring Malaysia is like so …. There is so much things we take for granted

Looking Away from Gua Tambun - The Hidden View of Ipoh
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Travelled on : Dec 2016

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