Monday, 29 July 2013


I amsterdam
Of all the charm Amsterdam can offer the only thing people usually remembers are the vices. I mean look at the inner city itself with all the beautifully laid cannels, top class museums, historic places such as Anne frank house and all the nicely old buildings leaning on each other … I for one was also guilty of not paying attention to them.

Vices …. Where you have 5 deadly sins … Gluttony , sloth , greed , lust , envy …. I saw it all in Amsterdam and it was legal …. Heck if its legal how can it be a sin !!

This was a city like no other …. Still since internet is so open and I don’t want to get shut down or reveal too much of my deep dark secrets … I will have to carefully select what to tell I guess

First Joint in Amsterdam
Weed & Munchies

Buying legal weed …. Where back home in Malaysia or Singapore it would be a death sentence …. Hence I was smoking away everyday. Problem is thou I was not experience with these drugs nor was I with any fellow travelers. I was really alone in Amsterdam for the whole week I was there. I could barely remember talking to another person there.

The first stop was the weird awkwardness where I had no idea how to buy weed. There was like a list … or a menu for you to choose and I had no idea what to do.

Beautiful Canals in Amsterdam
“Hi, how do I buy weed?’ ….. I got a glare from the shopkeeper …. Probably thinking bloody tourists …

“Erm … I don’t know how to roll a joint, can you help ?”…… another glare … he took back my weed and handed me a pre rolled joint instead …. 5 euros ….

Sat down …. Smell the joint …. It smelt to me like a weird spicy sting, pungent yet it gave the impression it would be delicious … smoking delicious … it was a weird moment

It soon became my routine everyday to buy a joint in the morning smoke … head for a kebab brunch … get more weed …. Stroll around Amsterdam randomly …. And somehow always pass by the red light district … more weed … more weed …. More kebabs … more weeds … more kebabs ….

Space Muffin & Van Gogh

With me experimenting the limits of my own body I was curious enough to buy a space muffin …. A smaller version of space cake plus … I was alone hence could not consume a whole cake.

The problem was the amount that I had to consume …. I was afraid of how it might hit me and was a little worried at that point …. Instructions says … eat half if its your first time and consume the rest after two hours ….

Space Muffin cooked with 0.5 (something … I think its grams) of cannabis

It was in a sealed wrapper but as soon as I opened it the smell was so strong I was afraid I would smoke out the hostel. Strong it was the smell and so inviting yet the first bite of the muffin made me wanted to puke. It was surprisingly difficult to eat for it tasted so bad like rotten food yet it smelled so delicious … and tasted so yucky …

I managed to force down 1/3 of the muffin and decided to wrapped up the rest … waited two hours and I could feel the effects starting to seep in. Consuming was apparently much more intense than smoking it. It hits me slowly but boy did it last for hours. Everything was much sharper … colors more vibrant, smell mingle with others, simple things were funny …. I was much more lazy as well …. And the munchies never ends ….

I was at the hostel the whole time staying in experimenting my first consumption of cannabis. Partly I was afraid as well as I was alone. So 1/3 was the magic piece and slept early that night only to wake up next morning nearly noon.

This time it was time to bring it outside …. I took another 1/3 of the space muffin and planned my route to the Van Gogh museum. Slow walk … grab some kebabs … and just in time 2 hours later I was standing dopey in front of the ticket counter of Van Gogh museum buying a ticket smiling.

Van Gogh painting were beautiful …. ….

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