Update  June 2014

Its been a year +

Sometimes i see people with a pinch of salt. People are so passionate in the things they like. Music , work, hobbies, skills, taste, food, passion like a taste of identity. This is the world we seam to be living in now. Not accepting the norm nor attuning to the bland ....

Social media makes us show only the crazy best times of our life's that hypes it even more so that if you plan to do something ... make sure you are all 100% into it.

But I just want to be free ... for someone with itchy feet like me always looking for an excuse to travel and see the world i actually love to just sit in a small corner stone and watch the world skip by. How do you tell people you are passionate about Nothingness ... heck both words are even polar opposite i think ... you cant be one and the other at the same time.

Well i am still finding that special place .... till then enjoy my storytelling with a pinch of salt for it is very difficult to write about nothing ....

First Post

In the short period of me kick starting this blog i find it enjoyable to gather back thoughts that i could not write down into the journal due to traveling issues. In a way its like a self reflection of my time traveling alone for 6 months.

I am definitely addicted / hooked into traveling and just cant get enough of it.

The aim is to create a website where i would be able to leave details prints of my personnel view
(without crossing the line) during travel so as to update family and friends and entertain as much people who are willing to read this blog. "It sure beats telling the same story over and over again"

Hopefully when i finish writing the blog about 2011 - 2012 adventure i would have started my next BIG journey and continue feeding this website.

An adventure and not holiday would be the aim.

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