Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Off to Cologne …. By Recommendation of Scruffy

One of the best part of traveling without a plan is that if some random new friend that you meet along the way give you tips of places you should visit especially if its along your planned route …. Or even slightly out of route … the ability to detour is highly possible instead of being tied to the structured planned of flights tickets or tour groups or even personnel itinerary

So Cologne was on my list ever since Florence Italy back one month ago. I never did knew how I was going to hop my way to Amsterdam from Berlin but Scruffy said it was one small little tiny town that is not to be missed. Heck I was already in Leipzig so no harm in another venture

Trying to Earn my Christmas Present

Before I left Leipzig I was bored. Recuperating was good getting back my goals set, planned out a rough route … wash all my clothes … stuff up on food and just purely slacking for I know I would be going on another marathon when ever I hit the road.

However I was bored ….

Its one thing to stumble upon a Casino and walk in ….. but searching if Leipzig even had one online just to kill my boredom made me realized slightly I might have a problem.

This would like what … my 5th consecutive casino stop since Vienna. I am starting to think the backpacking trip is a casino exploration trip. Friends use to tell me that after 5pm in western countries everything closes except the Pubs. There is nothing else for you to do other than drink and watch a game of football …. Correction …. There is still the casino which became my favorite pastime

So I step into one small little gaming places which are full of automated machines or “Pokeys”, or “Slots” and one of those electronic roulette. Long story short … I made it out with 245 euro … the casinos were funding my vacation at this point … but I wouldn’t advice anyone if following my footsteps while backpacking … 

Overnight Train to Cologne

This was my first overnight train in Europe. Most places I traveled was within 4 hours ride so an overnight sleeper did not make sense since you’ll be stranded in the cold without a place to stay and it sucks navigating at night.

The train took me from Leipzig to Frankfurt where it was a weird interchange. Lucky for me I had a local random stranger guide who speaks English. I stopped at one station .. Hopped off the tracks … walk to the nearby bus stop … took a bus to the next train station …. And caught the next train to Cologne.

Apparently I could have waited at the same platform for the next train which would have took like 2 hours or more but by skipping some bus stops and hopping to the next station I could catch the bullet train that was coming in sooner but wont stop at that small station in Frankfurt.

Or something like that ….

Local knowledge ….

Well with that a single ticket bought hot off the train station counter costs me 64 euro … not too bad …

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