Saturday, 6 July 2013

Pit Stop Eindhoven for Japanese Buffet

Finally I would make my way to the Netherlands where I heard the people are well educated that vices does not need to be banned as they are able to distinguish the use and proper means of self control.

Train ride crossing borders always scares me for some reason. I find it thrilling every time I cross a border to another country. Like a little kid opening his present wondering what he would find I was always delighted by new things. The more cultural shock the happier I became …. I usually blend in immediately unless I was oblivious to it then some form of apology was always good once someone enlighten me.

Vivid imagination of smuggling or events of mischief does not help too when crossing the border. Don’t look at the security guard too much …. don’t fidget … now if I were to smuggle something how do I get pass this border … hmmm …. Unfortunately I was in Europe where borders dun have any checkpoints so only a window was my company for crossing countries.

Eindhoven Train Station
Little Town Eindhoven and my First Asian Meal in a Long Long Time

Eindhoven was a small town, so small that I could not find a hostel there to bunk a night. I decided however to stop by for a quick look while I was en route to Amsterdam. After all the slow train ticket allows you to hop off and on back as long as its within the date stamped and along the same direction of the final destination.

The first thing I saw when I walked out the station with my backpack was the Japanese Restaurant across the road. Thinking it would cost me a fortune I walked on, followed the little foot traffic there was to see where the main square is. Not as crazy as Koln but it was a nice petite town and shopping was in season. I guess Christmas affect all of Europe.

So a stroll around Eindhoven looking for lunch led me back to the Japanese Restaurant. I haven’t had rice since …. a long long time … let alone sushi. They had a buffet style lunch where you pay one price and order as much as you want.

Best part was instead of getting your own food like a buffet you actually pick out your food in the menu and the cook would prepare it fresh and serve it to you. Buffet apparently mean eat as much as you want but with a normal dine in feel.

Sushi , Sashimi, Yakitori, Grilled Saba, Miso Soup, Unagi, I had no idea how much I missed it till I started eating. For a small size person like me I think the waiter was suppressed how much I stuffed down thou I managed to do it with a little dignity. Secretly I was trying to stuff down dinner as well since it was nearly 3pm

And the cost of the Asian lunch craving was 22 euro.

Little did I know I would be back to eating Asian meals in the very near future.

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