Friday, 2 August 2013

Don’t mix two vices …. At the same time …. Its just trouble

Old habits die hard …. And with all the casinos at every corner of Amsterdam it was almost impossible not to go in and have a look. Nice old parlor type where everything was automated …. Either slots of electronic roulette. Part of me thought it was an arcade center for the adults since they only accepts coins. You take your notes and bills and go to the cashier and change them for coins in a big tub.

When you win you get coins too … It really was like an arcade … a dangerous one …

I tried avoiding going in as long as I could …. Passed by like a dozen casino the first day and never stepped in. Planned my route to visit Rembrandt House, scout the famous red light district … and even tried going to comedy club for a night.
Chicago Boom Comedy Club - Amsterdam

Chicago Boom … it was called and for 15 euro I was lined up for a evening stand up comedy show. Partially high just to ensure the jokes would be funny but after a while I realized it was unfounded. These guys are good …. Best part was they even tried something along the “Who’s Line is it Anyway” freestyle and it was hilarious …

Temptations & Seductions

I knew my poison by now after visiting so many gambling joint in all the city.

Clink , Clink …. I was popping coins into the machines trying my luck or rather just trying out how well I would fair gambling while high. I lost count how many casino I had visited while I was in Amsterdam not counting how often I visited them. I did know however the damage …. After counting how much I draw and how much money was missing from my light wallet.

1000 euro … SHIT ….

I started comforting myself that it was alright …

“Just draw some money and go win it all back “, my devilish mind playing tricks …..

I decided then NO gambling while intoxicated …. But damn it wasn’t as fun thou …. So I decided to avoid casino and just stick to the weed joints since I knew once I leave Holland for that matter I will most probably never touch it again ….


But one vice always leads to another like a brother of sin …strip bar .... another story for another time ...

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