Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Land of Guinness Stout - Dublin

Touchdown Dublin …. I was traveling again ….

So immigration looked at me as asked the most standard question of all …

Officer    : How long are you Staying in Ireland ?
Me     : About 2 weeks I think
Officer    : Why not more? You Should stay at lease a month or more .
Me     : speechless ……

This had never happen to me before at a immigration officer desk ….  I’ll think about it I told her and asked for a longer stamp date ... :)

First stop … nearest pub to try the Guinness Stout …

My First Guinness in Ireland ... with my Brunch

Now I had tried the black goody back in Asia in my home country Malaysia where they actually brew the stuff and I did’nt like it …. but since its been such a long time since I had it, the night before I flew from Bradford to Dublin I decided to go to a pub in Yorkshire with my cuz and order half a pint of Guinness to re-kindle the taste …. It still did’nt grow on me ….

So at the bar at 10 am in the morning …. I probably look like a alcoholic … oh well

Me         : I heard the Guinness here is different ?
Bartender    : Here ?
Me         : Ireland …. Better than other places … far far away
Bartender    : Taste better here … your first pint in Ireland ?
Me         : Yep. One pint then ….

I got the first hand look at a properly poured Guinness Stout …. Poured at a tilted angle ¾full of the way … left there for about 2 minutes for it to settle
( You had to really wait for your Guinness )
Continue back pouring but straight down …. And the last part I could not get … he must have hidden it from me … but make a flower pattern at the top head of the Guinness ….
( I later found out its was a shape as a four leaf clover … a Shamrock )

As for the taste … lets just say back home I would not have drank it every day every meal

It was definitely better in Ireland

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