Friday, 3 January 2014

How to Get Into England Without a Passport - Bristol

Poseidon in Bristol
Never would I have ever thought of crossing from one country to another without even taking out my passport, especially if the country uses different currency. I went to the Dublin airport early as I am always paranoid when it come to moving between two far far away places and whenever it involved flights .. ( I hate missing flights ) … I sat there waiting for the time to board the plane.

I got my boarding pass pretty easy from the counter and that was the last time I shown my passport … no stamps of exit …. Just proof of ID so I could get my boarding pass.

Walk walk walk …. I am now sitting in the plane ….. Something was not right but I couldn’t put a finger on it.

An hour or so later I touchdown in a small airport in England , Bristol. Got down the plane took my luggage from the conveyor belt which was fortunately in one piece …. I always worry it will go missing … my entire belonging for the trip … it was like basically my house that bag …

Walk walk walk … I am outside the airport … Wait …. WHAT ???

There was no immigration of any kind , not even a counter of sorts … I think I just found a loophole into smuggling people into England and if you have read a few post back you would have realized how easy it was to get into Ireland …. They were almost begging me to stay longer . ( Tourist are good money I guess ) …

So I’ll keep this in a mental note … to my fellow Asian friends who wants to jump plane and become a illegal worker in England … buy a ticket to Ireland … and a domestic budget airline flight to Bristol … from there trains are all good :)

Municipal Office in Bristol

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