Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Journey to Salisbury and a Visit to Mystical Stonehenge

I have not had a traveling adventure in such a long time. It was a small adventure alright getting from Bath to Salisbury. It all started by me deciding not to book anything for Salisbury and try to wing it since it was so long ago since I did anything without some safety net. After all I was in England how bad could it go. 
Hostel at Salisbury

Planned to take the train where they told me it was about 5 pound but when I was about to buy the ticket it became 17 pound. WTH. Apparently I needed to buy in advance for that price. So I change towards the bus instead. The bus interchange attendant had no idea which bus goes to Salisbury and sold me the wrong ticket for 7 pound. Worst yet he was suppose to tell me when it was my stop to get down … ( I sat in front) but guess what … when I saw the bus journeying back down the same road where I passed before apparently he was already going back to Bath. He forgot to let me off in the small town where I had to catch another bus at War-minster.

I was dropped off in the middle of nowhere … I only saw fields of green and a long road and a bus stop across the road …

Luckily the next bus came fairly quick and I manage to catch the connecting bus to Salisbury. Remember he sold me the wrong ticket ??? Yep I had to buy another for the connecting bus and it cost me 4 pound … Total of 11 pound with a 6 hours journey when I should have just paid the extra fee for a 1 hour journey … oh well

There was only one hostel in Salisbury which was pretty easy to find and I settle down for the night before heading for a day trip to Stonehenge the next day.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY  :) 20 Jan 2012
Me at Stonehenge

So it was my birthday which was rewarded with a self planned trip to Stonehenge. It was definitely not as disappointing as I thought It would be. I remember most people whom I spoke to which had actually seen it before had comments like “Its just a Stone Formation”or something along that line. It was actually quite fascinating to me thou it was hard to put it in words. Blue Stone sell like a fortune down there …. Since Stonehenge is made of blue stone but the only souvenir shop that sells it was darn expensive. Hype of the place I guess.

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