Thursday, 2 January 2014

Karaoke at Dingle , A Kiss on Blarney Castle, and a Pint of Guinness for a Merry Goodbye

Looking Forward to America
We headed from Galway to Cliff of Moher checking out stunning views and later Martin even showed us a cool rock out of nowhere that was overhanging the Atlantic ocean. I took my chances , I am still alive today and got a amazing photo taken … now that I think about it … a strong wind and bye bye Edwin …

Dingle hostel was really in the middle of nowhere … there was like one house opposite and that’s it. The hostel however had a full Karaoke bar fitted with a small stage. Another tour group from Paddywagon joined up and between pool table, pokies, karaoke and many many drinks … it was an awesome night.

Cliff Of Moher
Blarney Castle
Next day was killarney the last night where everyone went all out and we saw our first couple of the tour. Kudos … by now I was getting tired … a week of partying was rough on my old bones … hence by day 5 it was mostly quiet and contemplating ride watching out the window.

We stopped outside Blarney castle and almost all of us went kissing the blarney stone which was said to be enchanted by a witch to whom kiss it shall receive the gift of gab / babbling. Maybe shouldn’t have kiss that one … I started a blog … apparently babbling and writing does not go hand in hand …

Last stop Dublin …. And guess what last part of the tour … Guinness brewery … which I been before on my first day in Dublin …. Good old Martin gave me more coupon tickets so I could skip all the self tour and went straight for the drinks.

End of the tour guys …. I hope you had a great time …

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