Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Why I Was Rushing When Traveling …. PHEW

I am tired. New York has kept me moving non stop since I came partly because there was so much things to see and partly because its so damn expensive in New York that I felt I had to quickly get it done and move on before my budget burst. Nights were always chasing some Broadway Musical and daytime was exploring the city just walking around. In short my Broadway expedition covered

1.Chicago the Musical
2. Anything Goes
3. Rent
4. Godspell

Thinking back I should have stayed on and watched more shows since I now realized the same show when they come to Asia … its super expensive …. Plus half price tickets and camping outside for last last last minute ticket sometime could be really really cheap ….

Sometimes the place although so attractive, you just have to move on …

Washington D.C

Trying to figure out how to travel around USA is a pain in the arse since bus and train sometimes takes many hours maybe days and its also not clear where they stop in the city. Train line does not go everywhere and busses are very expensive unless you are traveling a major route like New York - Washington D.C …. short trip yet expensive … I realized America is huge … and the norm was to either do a roadtrip with your own car / caravan / bike or take a plane since budget flight was cheaper. Then again where the fun would that be ….

For now … I bought the cheapest ticket I could find … to Washington D.C
Greyhound Bus - USD 21

Random Stranger / Later Friends Will Safe Your Day

After whacky Europe where everything is built haphazardly one on top another America was really easy to navigate. Found the Hostel pretty easily passing by Chinatown in Washington D.C which was quite close to the central area.

My roommate when I first saw him, I was concern for a moment for he looked like a death metal fanatic with eyeliner, long hairs, piecing and chain chains chains everywhere … till of course he started to talk in awkwardly like a brilliant British gentlemen … accent and all. I ended up enjoying his company for the whole time I was in D.C.

Chainboy did save me one big headache when I was rambling on the expensive bus rides from New York to D.C ….. The almighty Greyhound Discovery Bus Pass. One Pass to rule them all … where for a fee of USD 456 one could hop onto any Greyhound cross country busses as long as there was an un-reserved seat for one whole month. I would come to regret some of the choices later on but it was the best worth of money can buy …. Plus side if I were to keep taking midnight busses or night busses and time it correctly for the distance to the next destination, I would technically save one night in the hostel.

The wheel on the bus go round and round ............................

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