Thursday, 27 February 2014

You Got to Hear the Blues in Chicago

Overnight bus from Buffalo to Chicago …. I am going to have to get used to these as much as possible for it would be the only way of travel in the USA …. Unless of cause you have your own car or bike or fly. If you have non- of the above … you’ll probably take the bus Greyhound discovery pass for unlimited bus ride a month …. Which also means a lot of overnight sleeping in the bus since you can save up on accommodation. How good are the busses … really depends on your luck I would say … some busses are like an airline cabin with comfy leather chair, wide leg room, free WIFI connection and even a power point socket next to your seat to boot. Others …. Its just a bus ….

The bus stop in Chicago was not really in the central area nor was my hostel that I looked up earlier. I was starting to be more prepared by reading the how to get to your hostel before even leaving nowadays … kills the adventure but gives you a little peace of mind since I still get lost anyway. Getaway Hostel … was a hostel like non other … they had bunk beds like any other hostel but it was the communal area that was amazing. Frekishly large with TV lounge ( the proper kind … not just a TV in a room ), huge ass dining area which still somehow turn out a mess since there was way too many people cooking … still kinda fun if you get into the clique and mingle but the most bad ass of all I would say would be the grand piano.

Monday BLUE’s

Thou I reach early in the morning I was only focus on a good shower , meal and sleep so I only woke up at 6 pm hungry and went out to see what I could do.

Anyone wannar Join us and go Listen to Blues Music ?? , Siera asked over the common area …

Apparently the hostel organized events every day and tonight was blues night. I was imagining Bill Cosby playing the saxophone so naturally joined in. That group of strangers that night from the hostel became my Chicago travel buddies for the next 5 days. There was no better way to break the ice of a group of strangers to each other by going to the bar, ordering drinks ( dutch of course ) and just listen to the blues … by the end of the night we were all on the dance floor grooving and some idiotically (me)

I had no idea how to describe the blues I heard …. On one had you have the star singer in his black shades get up and Mr. Brown type of accent voice singing with wateevr crazy idea pops into his head … on the other an Asian Girl …. Freaking cramming that keyboard like it was a lead guitarist … the bassist and guitarist were very quiet and shy but they sure had the groove ……

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