Friday, 2 May 2014

Mardi Gras - New Orleans

So I arrived New Orleans … checked in my 1 Night in the Hostel, for 10 minute for a shower and dumped my bag and immediately shot out the door to see what little I could of this magical city …

I am going to try this Picture Blog thing for once … enjoy  ... my 24 hours Crusade

 1st Stop State Museum of Louisiana ... no time to loose ... click click ... moving on

French Quarters - poke nose in and out everywhere .... you never know what you can find here 

Visit the Market / Bazaar of New Orleans ...
They sell Gator Jerky .... 24 hours .... moving on .... wanna stay alive and survive
Stroll by the Mississippi River checked .... awaiting sundown
All ready for Mardi Gras - with my 1 bead weapon given by a nice lady at the hostel ... you cant go to Mardi Gras without a Bead ..... :)

And the Parade Begins
and the marching band ... i think the whole state of Louisiana came down by the long long super long parade that never ended .... couldn see the end of the line for 8 hours straight ....
Cheerleaders ... many many of them throughout the parade ... D for Daddy :)
Most of the Floats makes no sense to me ... but it was RAINING BEADS ..... ALL HAIL THE FLOAT >>> PUT YOUR HAND UP WORSHIP AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE CHEEP JUNK ... HOORAY .... It was actually quite fun ...
The Aftermath of Mardi Gras
And the spoils i collected .... some might notice the majority of my souvenir around the world is from this junk

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