Saturday, 31 May 2014

Part One - Sin City - Las Vegas - Before the First Casino ….

Sin City the people’s nickname for Vegas was definitely the best word to describe Vegas. Everything was design to dive into peoples inner mischievous devil and bring them out to the surface. Casino undoubtedly was the number one income and then there is the never-ending supply of girls in tights with push up bra so high these girls looked like dolls. Plus not all work at strip club or gentalments club,. They actually do it while in restaurant behind casino tables waitress bunny's. They sure know how to package their vice in Vegas

The Pawn Shop

So off the bus, I was walking quietly off the streets looking for my hostel which was a few kilometers away. I decided to walk as always and somehow manage to bypass the old strip of Vegas. Hence on the first day I didin knew there was such a thing. The first thing I saw was a Pawn Shop. 

I think this was actually the 2nd best business in Vegas looking at the tremendous queue. It was World Famous too …

Wedding Chapels

Things that you will only see in Vegas such as the Elvis Wedding chapel … I had to admit that at one point I was tempted to ask someone, anyone to marry me just to check that bucket list …. You know drive in one way get married … drive out the other way get divorced …


I think this one is the third best business in town. The adverts were hilarious … then again it was my first day in Vegas. I could totally see how its could go serious tone thou.. It would go something like …

*SUE YOUR HUSBAND before he LOSES it all*
*Quick divorce … We will protect your assets*
*WOKE UP MARRIED ?? No Problem we’ll divorce her in a nifty and help you keep all your money*

The Hostel

And then I reached my hostel … guess what it was located directly in front of …. A strip club …. Check in … got the super long briefing of the hostel rules … there was a funny part about Americans … but somehow I missed out taking it.

Dumped my bag, got a great shower after a long long bus journey …. Took a nice smoke and just letting my soul enjoy the moment ….. I was in Vegas ……

Time to hit the tables ….

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