Thursday, 15 May 2014

Prelude - Sin City - Las Vegas

Where do I start …. This stop was inevitable in a sense if you see my track record traveling the world …. So far gambling around the world was working out quite a wonder for me …. A guy once asked how many casino I had been to …. Well for the trip till Vegas the answer was :

Casino Bern
Casino Interlaken
Casino Vien
Casino Bratislava
Casino Prague ( x 3 )
Casino Berlin
Casino Leipzig
Casino Amsterdam ( x …. shit I lost count )
Casino Brussels
Casino Dublin
Casino London
Casino Niagra Falls ( x 2 )
Casino New Orleans

That was till I reached Vegas …. ( traveling for approximately 5 months now )

Writing this blog I am starting to think I have a gambling problem …. Oh well

I was nervous departing Denver Bus station headed for Vegas for I knew this was one place where I could get intoxicated …. From self indulgence. Yet there was no way in hell I was going to miss *ahem* Grand Canyon. 
A big Chuck of Gold .... at the Golden Nugget

The bus pulled into the city and the whole bus was full of conversation from fellow strangers. Some was cursing that they had a layover of 4 hours and did not bring any ID meaning they couldn’t  go into any casino. Others was warning of not going overboard and how easy it is to loose oneself here. Some were even talking about glory and the amazing things that was going to happen.

Truth … I had a smile on my face ….

Knowing that after Vegas I will have abundant of stories to tell …. I set myself one goal or two as my feet touch the ground from the bus ….

The Goal

1. To not lose more than USD 100 per Casino … I had no idea how many Casino there was in Vegas
    ( I.e when that 100 is up, time to move on to the next casino in line )

2. To win enough money to extend my 6 month stint to a 1 year stint …

To be continue ….

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