Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Part Two - Sin City - Las Vegas - Hitting The Tables ….

Sunset is a beautiful thing in Vegas … its where the goblins comes out to play.

I started my adventure in Vegas by visiting the Stratosphere at the edge of the Vegas Strip. Why ?? Well it was the nearest casino to the hostel … about 15 minutes walk. I was in a good mood smiling and snickering all the way. Although I had set a limit loss of $100 per casino I was actually aiming to win $100 per casino. All this I know now was the euphoria talking. Thing was … I actually manage to win $100 at the first casino Stratosphere … but then the challenge begins …. 

The Challenge

The thing about casino is not about know how to cut your losses. How to stop - has two meaning to it. How to stop when you are down a couple hundred bucks and how to stop when you are down a couple thousand has no relation whatsoever but somehow somehow … when you are in Vegas the logic will go like this ( at lease for me )

When down $100 - Its only $100 … whats another …
When down $1000 - holy crap … I cant leave here down $1000 … better cough up another $100 to try and win it all back.

Then the hardest challenge of all would be how to stop when you are winning …. So I was Up $100 in The Stratosphere … my stupid brain said

*Heck this might be your lucky streak … don’t stop now … you’ll lose that ten grand if you stop now and go away*, continue on says the goblin with a devilish grin …

So I lost my winnings of $100 and decided to move on to the next casino

Casino after Casino

So I went from Stratosphere to Circus Circus then on to Rivera to Encore to Wynn to …. I really did not remember … It became a donation of sorts …. I shall pay my $100 tribute to every casino in Vegas I would enter and if by any chance I manage to won any money from any casino the rules of the Challenge would apply and continue to donate back all the winning plus $100 and sometimes more …

Thou I did remember some prominent stories along the way …
Circus Circus

One was a chatter between the dealers and the players … a nice couple that were actually dealers themselves in Atlantic city which came all the way to Vegas just to gamble. For some reason they could not gamble where they work.

How do you Stay away from the temptation working in this city ?
That was one question I would have love to know the answer. Or rather all the curious people around the table was shifting their eyes quickly but keeping their ears gleam for that magic advice as well. All the dealer said was … You’ll get used to it.

Huh ??? You’ll get used to it ??? I was thinking how do you get used to it fast enough before you loose everything …. Soul included … but that was all he was willing to contribute … looking into his eyes … his soul may have already been consumed by the goblins …

So onwards my journey continues, never once distracted by the strip club, nor the magic shows, the world class performance, Maria Carrie show , David Copperfield, travel excursions, I was on drugs …. A Gambling drugs addiction …. At lease I was moving … good thing I set that $100 limit and it was somehow working but by now it was biting hard into my pockets … nearly 1am in the morning.

I was close to that $1000 down

To be continue …

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