Sunday, 29 June 2014

Strip Club in Vegas ….. Almost …. Casino trumps strip club …. *Drool*

Hostel Casino Event , $5 for a tour around Vegas best gambling spots and $ 25 back guaranteed. That was the advertisement on the notice board when I got back from Grand Canyon. 

I was tormented between joining my new found friend to go explore a Strip Club in Vegas or to go gambling again. As I waited at the common lounge for the call from *Ola* I was touted by the Hostel Casino Guide Danny.

Dude its guaranteed money back plus more. If you don’t get back at lease $25, I’ll pay you myself he said.

Since Ola decided to take his sweet time I decided to join this hostel gambling tour only till he called I reminded myself and then I would ditch for strippers. Times up and the group of gambling newbie’s gathered in front of Danny paying him upfront the $5 for the tour. They were really newbie for I realized gamblers … wouldn’t need a tour in Vegas .. Before hitting the tables.

How to Get Free Gambling Money in Vegas

This could only work if you were a first time in Vegas. It requires you to register a new membership with the Casino and get your free gambling money which was about $5 which you cant cash out immediate. It must be played but Danny knew the slots to go to and usually you get back about $5 worth … unless you are lucky and you get more.

Not all casino memberships gives you this free gambling money thou. So out of the many many casino in Vegas Danny brought us to about 4 of them that did. I only remember two of em that still spams my email regularly till today. Wynn and Treasure Island

Gamble - Strip Club - Gamble - Strip Club - Gamble …… GAMBLE 
Night Club in Vegas

Ola finally decided to call when we were halfway through the tour. But by then the small amount of free money I was gambling was actually causing me to have an itch … an itch to gamble for real. I blew off Ola …. Saying I was on a gambling tour…. I still regret this till today … hence I have never seen the inside of a strip club in Vegas.

Danny ended the night gambling tour at a nightclub which looked like a strip club though with girls dancing on stages with poles ….. Only they weren’t stripping. Still close enough ….

Gamble in Old Town Vegas

By 3 am most of the girls were tired out and called it a night. Some tried to usher, send them back to the hostel with maybe some motive but I was really really hurting bad not being able to play any table games seriously.
Old Town Vegas

Do any of you guys want to do some serious gambling … not big money but serious like try to earn some money from the casino?? Danny asked.

It was me and Danny against the Houses that night. So Danny weekly Hostel Gambling Tour was to earn him his weekly gambling money. All the $5 that he collected which was about $50 was his capital for that night. I had about triple that capital so I went along with him all the way to Old Town Vegas.

According to Danny, the strip is where the minimum bets are higher, tables are more exclusive and newer touristy type. Old town Vegas was classic, where the locals goes to play or at lease the seasoned Gamblers loiter about due to its more reasonable limits and atmosphere.

I learned Crabs that night …. A little bit of card counting … had a blast drinking and making random conversation with people gambling at 5 am in the morning. We headed back to the Hostel at 9 am …. Super tired and also broke …. Danny lost all his earnings that day while I lost an additional $100

I had to leave Vegas …. ASAP … pronto … 

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