Thursday, 27 November 2014

Buying a New Phone on the Road

Townsville is the largest town in northern Queensland and yet no one mention about it other than it’s a town and the gateway to Magnetic Island. I decided to give Magnetic Island a miss and stay in Townsville instead for 2 night and explore something that is not sold to me by hungry travel agency.

Townsville reminded me of the dead city I stumble a lot across USA. Large but empty where you barely see anyone around and yet all the shops are standing there with a lady inside smacking a mosquito. The place itself was rather nice with a few nice walks. If it was any cheaper and I had more time in hand I would consider Townsville a good pit stop to just rest and write, plan and get away from all the crowded places.
Townsville was also where I decided it’s time to get a phone since I would need one the coming week to pay bills. A long long walk under the hot sun, Noah and I finally reach Castletown the largest shopping centre in Townsville. Thinking there would be loads of food we starve ourselves going there only to find the good cheap thing to eat was McDonald.
Back to my phone problem …. I had a broken phone … not working …. And I had bill to pay that require a working phone …. Dilemma Dilemma …. Not much choice really … just have to buy a new phone and hope it last and not burn a hole into my pocket
There was three giant hypermart in Castle Town which were Woolsworth, Target and Big W. Checking prices in Target I almost, almost bought the Nokia 208 for AUD 59. Simple phone, a camera and able to play music. Just to be sure I had to check out how much the same phone cost at Big W. Here I was looking at the dirt cheap phone resigning myself to not having a smartphone for the entire 1 year backpacking trip when Noah said the words ….
“Look this one really cheap”
A Nokia Lumia 625 was being slash half price selling at AUD 148. It had a decent camera that I could finally take photos with, a smartphone meaning I get to use almost all the function again, and a huge memory too. Just for a little more money less than 100 and I would get a smartphone instead of a simple one.
Damm You Noah.
So I reluctantly parted with what little remaining money I had which was just enough to get me to the end of Australia trip to buy a smartphone. Now I just hope it last till the end of the trip …. Fingers crossed .  

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