Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Lonely Brisbane

This has been the loneliest trip ever backpacking. Unlike the last bout I was always surrounded by new friends and it was good bond too. This round it has been quiet. Every effort to say Hi ends up with a brief short lived conversation before silence kicks in. In a way I have also started becoming the solo backpacker. Lone and alone and always walking.

Somehow the flame is beginning to die I guess but although I think I might be homesick that is not the case either. It’s like trying to figure out a new way of travelling. The true solo lonely traveller. I have a way to go to learn how to just sit back and walk on.

Somehow after wandering pass the showgirls or naked bartop girls pub for many many times in Brisbane I finally decided to go in and have a look. It might be because my phone was busted entering the sleep of death mode although it is a brand new one barely 1 month old. What can I say I have a charm of picking utterly good phones which are defective twice. So I was quite down pondering most of my time in Brisbane what do I do now that I don’t have a working phone.
What was affected, not much really other than I cant receive sms token for my standard chartered credit card everything else was mostly replaceable. You see I mainly used the phone for these few purpose only,
1. Internet banking token for standchart
2. Sms notice for UOB when I withdraw money overseas just to check conversion rate
3. Take photos
4. Read Manga
5. Occasional download using bitterest
6. Playing candy crush
7. Listen to music
So as you can  see, other than item 1 and 3 the rest was replaceable. Since the phone died I was force to find a way to download torrent using the surface 2. Did not think it would work but somehow I did find a client that works so hurray I get to download ebooks now at lease. Larger files are a bit tricky I guess. Music I can live without thou its boring, manga I was already reading using tablet, sms for UOB I could still open online banking and check the conversion rate, candy crush to hell with it.
Hence the only problem I had was the internet banking for standard charted. In a way I need to access it once a month to pay bills and if needed in future do the money transfer to the UOB bank so I could withdraw it. Photos of couse now is a bitch since I would need to use the tablet to take them looking like a fool. So unless the photo is really really stunning or I had much free time in hand least photos would be taken from now on.
I am still pondering how to solve the first problem. Could I somehow borrow a phone from a fellow traveller and use my sim card once a month? Or do I buy one of those cheap phone which I found out cost about AUD 50 with pure basic function ( its not a smartphone ) but at lease there is a 1 MP camera. Secretly I am hoping everyday that the phone would revive somehow for no reason so every now and then I pick it up and plug it in to charge hoping for the best, but It looks like a futile attempt.
Hence the trip into the topless bar … came out still feeling the same as before …

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