Thursday, 6 November 2014

Racing Day at Surfers Paradise Gold Coast

So I totally skipped Byron Bay … looks crowded but I won’t know what I was skipping. I gotta skip something right, can’t do everything and every place in just 4 weeks. I am now in surfer paradise backpackers resort. Kinda starting to come into terms with traveling alone quietly since most people that do travel Australia are on an express train of full moon party. It’s rare to see one that is just at a place for no reason other than its marked on the map.

Surfers is actually located at the gold coast. Not sure what’s so special about the gold coast but it looks like a nice place with all the modern building yet still vibrant with all the tourist. I manage to catch the last day of the V8 Supercar Grax Prix in Gold Coast Surfers Paradise. Street racing it was like Monaco style or like Singapore style and somehow I got sucked into buying a ticket. AUD 89 bucks for a whole day and I spend a whole day there apparently.

Never did see racing live before so it was a new experience. Not so sure if I would ever do it again since it’s much easier to watch in the TV. Unless you are personally following a particular team all the cars just go woosh woosh. This racing was mostly saloon cars. Team Norlan Racing team won the match. I just keep walking around and camping at the corners where the overtaking and accidents are most prone to happen. Those cars can really fly ….
V8 Supercar 2014 Gold Coast

The other thing that has been bugging me for a while now is the casino in surfers paradise. Apparently there is two beaches in gold coast. One of em is surfers paradise and the other is broadbeach. On the map given by the hostel is this casino located at broadbeach. I am shitting my pants now coz I know for sure I would go in just to check it out. Hopefully I could come out positive instead of negative.

Fingers crossed .

Post note : OK I am fucked … Gambled all the money I had on me away till I had nothing left …. This might be a problem …. Zzz

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