Monday, 1 December 2014

Swimming With A Turtle at Great Barrier Reef - Cairns

The Great Barrier Reef is really something. Problem was that it’s so greatly big that most times any tours you take will only scratch the outer edge of the reef. So it’s still best viewed in National Geographic.

I once heard a story from another backpacker, not the best source I know but the story seems plausible enough; so he said that due to the huge amount of tourism Cairns gets for the Great Barrier Reef most tour operators only get licence to certain parts of the reef, the more dead one so that if by chance some stupid tourist like us do stupid things at lease the greater part of the reef will be spared and will still be preserved.
I kinda agree with his sentiment that it should be that way since most of us are ignorant to nature but in a way but it was not so awe awesome struck that I thought it would be. I have seen the reef in Malaysia and judging by the sparing part of the Great Barrier Reef they show us it was not much more magnificent than back home. It is however huge and that itself is undeniable and amazing in its own way.
The fact that we have to travel nearly 40 miles offshore just to see the reef in the middle of the ocean is mind-bogging. Out of nowhere surrounded by deep waters, suddenly a shallow reef appears. Yet the reef itself is not really shallow if one would look closely for it was a reef on top another reef. Swimming along the edge that was what I saw … depth I could not see beyond and reef going deeper and deeper.
Last but not lease is turtle sighting. Somehow everyone is crazy about turtles.
Let’s say if you swim with a turtle at the great barrier reef those that didn’t get that lucky chance will be envying you for a long long time despite visiting one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World
Turtles are just special ….

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