Wednesday, 2 September 2015

MET Museum New York City

The MET Museum New York City which I did not manage to see the first time round in 2012 was still not on my high priority list in 2015. I have seen many museums travelling but only few museums are truly worth mentioning. I don’t claim to be an expert in museums and usually just stroll by walking around looking without really LOOKing.

Van Gogh Painting in MET Museum New York
Like they say it takes a masterpiece to truly capture a wandering soul. If you study it, or knew about it or was recommended to see it then most likely a set of perception has been form in the head such as how amazing the Mona Lisa is and then get overwhelmed by how many idiotic tourist is clustering the floor with cameras held high flashing away.
Price of admission is recommended, RECOMMENDED at USD 25 for adults, USD 17 for student and elderly or veteran and free for children. I took note on that recommended part and got my admission for USD 2. It was a matter of how you are willing to take the shame. Most people would pay a part of it but at USD 2 I guess was pushing it for I got the solemn treatment. Large museums in the states are like a respectable thing. Even the homeless would not enter a free grand Smithsonian museum to loiter around even in the winter. When I see a free museum especially in New York, I also see …. a free toilet …

Silverware In MET Museum New York
I can’t really tell you which masterpiece to expect in the MET museum. I have a habit of just walking around and just looking but the place was a surprise for not only was it huge, tremendously huge such that looking at art for prolonged time will make one sleepy. They had loads of painting of course but also arts of different kind. Anything that could capture ones attention more than a minute was considered art and collected in the MET Museum.
Piano with a Harp
I only saw a small section of MET without really thinking letting my feet decide while my headphone blast away. Egyptian section is always captivating with its pristine preserved mummies and numerous carvings and glyphs inscriptions. Then there was the musical instrumentation section where every kind of old to new instrument that was made with deep artistic manor was collected, preserved and proudly displayed.

Porcelain was another amazing section that I could not get my eyes off. I had no idea that American porcelain artist was as intricate as the ancient Chinese group. Carpentry works on furniture was also collected to my surprise but mostly ignored by the visitors. Silverware was also greatly collected from simple dining ware to intricate honour medals. Then there was the armoury section with its painted breastplate.
Armoury Section of MET Museum New York
The usher of the museum said it would take at least 3 hours to walk through the museum. If one can endure 3 hours of walk through then he would probably be in the museum for more than just 3 hours. Most would give up in 2 hours for the shear tiredness of their eyes. Walking around groups of students in study groups could also be seen walking around with their teacher or tutor explaining or being question on the interpretation of an art piece.

Maybe I should have paid USD 5 instead ….

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