Sunday, 24 January 2016

Daytrip to Monaco …… Boy do I feel poor ……

The cheapest way to get to Monaco from Nice is to jump onto a train ….. without buying a ticket! Well it could be the cheapest or the most expensive depending if you are caught or not by the ticket attendant I suppose. After some research on the internet which suggest the cheapest method to be the bus and some feedback from fellow travellers that had made the trip and back, plus the almighty hostel reception wisdom, I decided to take the train which was 7.80 euro return.

Monaco Train Station
Train ride was short and quick and within 20 minutes I was in Monaco. My ticket went unchecked, never passed a guard post at all and even when I returned to Nice later in the day it was the same. I should have really jumped. Anyway Monaco ….. I was a poor boy in Monaco.
Rich does not even begin to describe this place. It was oozing power and by the way the tourist tend to flock together sticking to designated routes and the more influential treats hotels and high end restaurant like their back end house or kitchen it was quite a sight to observed. I could now understand why girls will dump their boyfriends or friends to doll up and walk around Monaco alone trying to enter privet boat parties only to be turn down if not pretty enough.

I took a walk around Monaco, for it was the only thing I could afford to do. Lunch luckily was packed sandwich bought when still in Nice and a full water bottle from the tap. I walked around, up the monumental castle down the rock cliff watching people going about their life with the shiny sunglasses.
Many boys and girls dream of working here as anything from waitress to dock boy just to be nearer and apart of the glamorous lifestyle. Hence I also now understand why a lot of the guys in the hostel was telling me about their woes trying to get a job in Monaco.
Monte Carlo - Monaco

The famous Casino of Monaco – The Monte Carlo ….. charged a fee for entering and depending on the fee, allows you to play only games specified on that fee. If not wrong it was about 25 to enter and 100 to get a permit to play. You still had no idea what the tables limit was and by my guess it was going to be a killer. For once I just enjoyed the outskirts of the casino reeling that I was here and took some pictures like the rest of my fellow poor tourist brotherhood.
Monaco …. It’s worth a daytrip …. but it’s the parties that the twinkle happens ….



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