Thursday, 25 February 2016

The Old Pit Stop in England ….. Visiting an old Friend & Family

It’s always an excitement and also a dread meeting with family. They know all the knicks and knacks of your life, the good, the bad and the ugly. The few little secrets you have left with you, they will try to pry out slowly or at lease pry out someone else’s secret from you. It’s part of a family thing. The need to know you to the soul for skin deep is not enough. Knowing can also be insufficient at times and a partial hold on your soul would be much seek after. Still we all miss family. It’s a special bond.

For that reason England will always be on my list whenever I pass by Europe. For George whom I may not see again one day and for the innocent’s young ones which are still un-corrupted of the world.
This time it was a really short stop by not lingering more than I really have to I guess. 4th time being here in England and the novelty wears off as a tourist. Instead I now think of England or rather Yorkshire as a genuine pit stop while travelling the world, so much that a few months before arriving I was already planning what kinda supply and errands I would need to get when I arrive. In this case, it was a pair of Jeans to replace my really warned out Jeans that was patch and repatch with sewing kit repeatedly all the while thinking, it will make it to England and finally a good pair of Clarks walking shoes. Never underestimate a good sturdy pair of shoes while on the road. Last but not lease, a visit to Malaysia Airlines to change the One World Flight itinerary.  

Day 2, I took the train in the morning to see George and it was as if time had stop the first time I visited him so long ago (13 years ago). I got off the train and he was there standing and waiting, the same picture as I remember so long ago with his standard shift and Tie and a cap twitching in his hands.
I showed some of my pictures on the road to George, told some stories and he told some back to me, had lunch with the nostalgic Fish & Chips and a short walk at the Dam Park. 13 years since the first time I set foot in England. He was a strong man then at 77 walking for hours in the fields with me puffing behind. If the only thing I notice that change, it was his walking pace has slowed down to my pace now.
Time flies and soon it was time to go. George sent me to the train station just in time to catch the last train and waved me off …. I wonder if I will ever see him again ….. till then, he would be the only person to enjoy the post cards from around the world from a dear friend.

Lil Ones …
Off to Cambrige to visit Cuz Jon and his family and meet the kids for the first time. Jon and little Sam was in the Car waiting for me near the train station. Little Sam eyeball me a while quietly but soon become friendly. I kind miss the times when he was shy of me I guess … he now wants to play all the time. The boundless energy of the younger ones. Good thing Jon and Liz had them trained to sleep early at 6 in the evening …. Peace for a few hours a day. Emily was a cute button. Took a while for her to warm up to me but after that was a lovely little girl that just tickle the inner soul and bring out that sunshine smile in you always.

Cambridge to London-Staines to visit Wei. Baby Bella was so cute … I spend much time giving away anything I had on me to become her toy including my tablet, phone and anything she laid her eyes on. Took it all back later of course when she slept .... she wont remember it anyway ...
Few days of baby playing and soul was refresh again for the road.
The Quint Town of Cambridge - England

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