Friday, 4 March 2016

Touring Copenhagen – Denmark

What can I say about Copenhagen … It’s a perfect City for a paranoid tourist. Old rustic feel of a European City although history will tell you that it burned down three times so what looks like rustic aint that old as London but still it’s charming. The city is absolutely safe unlike other parts of Europe and whatever you want it’s all here, Architectural, museums, Castle, Royal family, folklore, theme parks, gardens, incomprehensible language, boat canals in the city, hippie places, jazz, bicycles, …. Copenhagen is quite a charming city
Copenhagen - Denmark 
I find it a lovely place to be in but then again I was there during summer. Plus like any equator born child the cold is a joy that we crave and of course we never really understood the miserable pain of cold year after year. I find it even more attractive when I realized they had royalty that is still alive and not hanged from any revolution.

Roast Pork
Anyway Copenhagen was a nice restart to my travelling journey. Little mermaid was a famous figure visited by the hoards in bus groups and the querky restaurants by the canals packed with rich class tourist. A charming town …. But expensive too …. I have heard that Scandinavia was expensive … life of a truly upper tier society   

The Little Mermaid - Copenhagen

Copenhagen canals

Tivoli - One of the oldest theme park in the world

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