Saturday, 19 March 2016

Towards Helsinki - Finland

After the lively company of Dan and May in Stockholm, the company of Jay whom I met in Lisbon previously was waiting for me in Helsinki. Jay couldn’t host me but was gracious enough to accompany me everyday sightseeing Helsinki. In fact I wondered who was bringing whom around sometime but truth be told some parts of Helsinki Jay brought me was the boring local stuff …. But then again I enjoyed those norms more than the tourist part.

He was enthusiast in showing me around and in some way he was also exploring a little bit on his own which I can tell when he is undecided where to go. He did persuade me to get a 48 hours transport card which we abuse to the max taking tramps and boat every chance we get to sightsee almost every part of Helsinki.
I only had 2 nights in Helsinki. First meal and I requested for the all traditional Finish food. Budget is not a problem I
Reindeer with Mash Potato & Berries
said so Jay brought me to a nice restaurant where they served Reindeer meet with mash potato and berries. It was a strong tasting meat close to dear or lamb but flavour of a stronger kind. Lovely but not one that I could eat for prolonged time. Felt like I wont get any points for Christmas.

The first day he brought me to Suami Island which was a short boat ride away a Unesco heritage site of a fortified island in the old times to protect shipping route into Helsinki.
Summer was really appearing in Europe now and I could feel most of the lovely weather. We parted early the first day just as the weather got bad and dinner was approaching.
Suami Island
I cooked my dinner that night, standard staple of spaghetti, bacon and sausages with green pepper. Next day again we met for lunch and this time the weather was not so kind in Helsinki with rain pattering us throughout the day. I suggested the market square where they also serve a lot of traditional finish food in cosy little tents.
Reindeer Meatballs & Salmon Steak & Salmon Soup
We got stuck there due to the rain but was a lovely lunch with reindeer meatballs and salmon steak top off with salmon soup, coffee and rye bread. The company of Jay was an odd one but I quickly adapted to his unique character and enjoyed Helsinki like a lost little boy. He brought me places along the tram, metro, bus just to see the city on an overview. But my fav of all was the market ... the local market where they sold things I have never dream off .... Canned Bear meat anyone ??
Finish Meat Market

Bear Meat Anyone?  

Local Finish Market

By night fall I asked if he had seen the new Jurassic World movie. Nope he said and I suggested seeing it. We caught it, I love it … dunnu about Jay and by midnight it was an awkward silence if we were to part ways or to walk around.
Casino was next to the cinema. ….. lets go have a look
Some Interesting Advert ...
Janne said knowing I had a weekspot for Casino. I had explained my compulsion to him when I was in Portugal about gambling. So we went in and oh yeah I forgot the second day was actually Janne Birthday.

I strong armed the casino reception guys and guilt them to giving us free drinks coupons and free chips to play. Determine not to stumble down into darkness I only played one round of roulette after walking around the casino with Jay for a long time …. And that was also only the free chips.
First round did not bore fruit and I suggested leaving before I cant control myself. Jay does not gamble due to the Bahai faith and I don’t feel combatable dragging a person when I am gambling. The compulsion really work worst when I am alone anyway.

When we parted ways at the bus station in front of the main train station, me waiting for the tram and looking and Jay slow and reluctant walk away, a lonely soul, I understand but one can only learn oneself when face with the difficulty of life. I wish him well Jay …..

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