Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Warsaw - Poland

Surprisingly the bus journey from Lithuania to Warsaw only cost me 16 euro and on an overnight bus at that. We did get stopped somewhere along the road for police inspection and while checking all the passport mine was withheld for further checking. The police went off the bus with my passport and a few other as a well and kept us by the side road at 2 am in the morning for nearly an hour before deciding everything was ok.

Modern Warsaw
First taste of Polish hospitality was at the train station(this was where the bus dropped us off in the early morning). Information desk said to go to the ticketing desk for future train purchases or information and at the ticketing desk they directed me to the information desk …. Too lack of sleep to bother I left the train station to find the hostel …. Good thing too for 3 days later I just turn up and buy a ticket on the spot to Krakow which cost as little as PLN 49 … ~ 10 euro.

Warsaw …. Was modern beyond words and base on the history of Warsaw and Poland for that matter everything was destroyed in WWII. It’s amazing how they could rebuilt everything regardless. Proof to show that humans are as resilient as hell. As big as Warsaw is I was constrained to where my feet could take me. The summer heat was finally getting to me if not the laziness that I brought with me from the Baltics countries. It was blazing hot walking around Warsaw in July and one would melt if not in the shade.
New Organized Warsaw


War Memorial of Warsaw

Somehow when in this crazy heatwave I miss the cold weather of Patagonia …. But I know I would curse when I am too cold as well … It’s so hard to find that fine balance. I tried the walking tour and after that was too exhausted to explore much on my own. I did manage to walk pretty much a lot without knowing but every day I seek 2 hours of shelter in the Cinema watching whatever was on at that time.

Food wise I was stuck with the polish chain version of fast food …. Pierogi outlets where they served traditional polish cuisine and the waiters were all girls in fluffy flowery dresses with short mini skirts …. The food were good amazingly plus it was reasonable considering how loaded I was and the eye candy did help too … I ate there 3 times in two days …..
Polish Stew
I could not escape the casino of course although I was finally out of the Baltics …. There is always one and this one was Casino Poland located inside the Marriot Hotel …. The first day for some reason I could not find the entry and never did thought it would be inside the hotel for I saw the big sign outside in the building walls. …. Second day I walked in the hotel regardless thinking I dun give a dam what people think anyway if I dun have money since no one knows me here …. True indeed Casino Poland was there and I was gambling for hours … only to chalk up PLN 200 …. Well a win is always better than a lost …
Next day I ran as fast as I could … Krakow …. But Krakow had one too …

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