Saturday, 16 September 2017

7 Day Road Trip Malaysia – The Road to Sekinchan

I realized as I write the blog about touring Malaysia, my post entry will be heading towards a new style … more pictures, less stories or rather the story is incomplete without the picture of very very mundane lifestyle of the people. There is finesse in simplicity and tranquillity in the normality

Kapar, a small town of one street but surprisingly busy with lots of vehicles. 

Kapar Main Street
Nasi Lemak Tepi Sungai – Along the way I see some signboards that are just nostalgic or sentimental ... this one was just plain simple ... a stall by the river ... thou the river is nowhere in sight 
Nasi Lemak Stall
The old bus stop still stands ….  this bus stop is like a historical piece to us city folk I think. Yet some things still function and survive time .... old stuff were really built differently
Old Bus Stop
And the roads has no traffic …..:)

Detour off the main road ( the main road is already a small road ) and this is what I found … a beautiful mosque with a school next to it where the signpost is not even in malay but in Jawi. 
Mosque Somewhere Near Kapar

Signboard in Jawi
Follow the brown signboard – brown = tour spot …. Now in Malaysia when driving, if you see a brown signboard like so below, its suppose to be a place, attraction or landmark of sorts. Safe to say it will be the reason for most of my detour  

Brown Signboard - Pantai Remis
Off to the beach …. One happy family 
Family Outing to Pantai Remis

Pantai Remis …. 

Pantai Remis
Next Stop – Sekinchan

10 km to Sekinchan

 Travelled on: Nov 2016

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