Saturday, 9 September 2017

7 Day Road Trip Malaysia – The Departure

How do I even begin? 

Woke up the next morning after the bus ride from Singapore and packed a bag of cloths for a week. Dad told me the most important thing about his dodgy car, COOLANT. So apparently the coolant was leaking so I would have to constantly check it every morning and top it up so the engine will be good and I won’t get stranded. 

Planning an overland border crossing road trips isn’t easy but luckily I only have to worry about Malaysia this time and the car has the MAA insurance which I can get a tow truck anywhere in Malaysia ….. mental noted it for a bigger trip, but small steps at a time … a little experiment before the big one I kept telling myself  

Breakfast and mom said in Hokkien : - 

“ Lu Jin Jialat, Jai-nya-ba-lu-wa-kang-ah-bei-sai-si-sua-knya-ee-the-kua-kin-ke-sor”

(Note: If only I have a Kind Soul to give me the correct Pinyin in English)

My auto inner translation was like this in my head 

“You damn Teruk - Knowing you just change job and won’t be able to travel anytime soon, you faster faster go cabut. 

The grin I could give at the end of that sentence was priceless :)

9am and it was time to depart, a photo taken by dad and I was off …. Basic errand first I guess so filled up the tank full and loaded the toll card and got some money out of the bank. Set my first waze destination for Kapar the start of a kampong town north of Klang. 

Me with Dad's Car .... My Ride for the Week

Driving Out of Kuala Lumpur - My Trusty Companion ... Snoopy
Took me nearly an hour to get to the start point and about RM 10 on the tolls. KL is damn expensive. No more highway from here and it was the real beginning. 
The first Route Aim - Kapar
P.S – For those that is wondering, Dad’s car is a Naza Bestari – Link Here (I'm gonna use Paul Tan Website coz that's was the first on google search)

Travelled on : Nov 2016


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