Monday, 4 February 2013

Pit Stop Bari

Cargo Boat Ride ?

As I woke up from the CARGO boat … sure did seam like a cargo boat compared to the boat I took from Patras to Corfu because for one, everyone on deck class was squeezed into a room? Given there were limited cabins and a dining area and a living room but it was really really small. If I would to compare it was like having a house party only all of us was trying to sleep after the bummer event in Igoumenitsa. Plus the boat look like a slap together last minute call to get us away to Bari.

I contributed to the snoring I suppose. Alice was rambling whole morning about the horrible way of spending the night again. She was on deck class too and I guess she could have afforded the cabin. Doubt she will ever take a boat ride again in Greece. Apparently I missed a *free show* that night according to Alice, and another wave of rambling begin. *rolls eyes*

So far my long distance traveling solo was not working very well. Always there seam to be some force of event that would throw me off the plan. Funny thing is I was getting used to it and was enjoying the adventure despite the roughness. The sun rose and the boat docked in BARI, ITALY.

I made it to Italy ……. and ……… the boat broke down just as it docked keeping everyone stranded on the boat just a step away from dry land. That was another three hours of waiting as the crew struggle to lower the huge steel doors to let the passengers down and away.

Italy … new country new challenges new adventure

It was late by the time we got off the boat and I parted ways with Alice leaving her somewhere she had agreed to meet her Italian boyfriend. Italian pizza for lunch and it was hostel hunting after. Finding the hostel was a pain in the ass. I had a practice of researching a list of hostel and noting them down before going on a long distance journey.

Santa Clause Hostel was located smack within the maze of other puzzling buildings which I knock and an old lazy opened the door clearly eating dinner of some sort. The door slammed in my face.
I finally found the hostel, tiny as it was and checked myself in.

Bari was to be a pit stop just a port which I was heading towards Naples. Thing about traveling solo without a plan is that you never know who you are going to meet and what thing will be thrown at you.

I’ll type in the raw entry from my journal below for Bari 

Now Bari was a stopover which i did not plan and i seam  to enjoy all the mishaps more than the no problem route. I mean i got stuck at Iguomenitsa when i tried so hard to avoid it and that's where i had a nice company for two days from a brit girl and a canadian family. Bari was no exception i got to the hostel and it was small, very small and i tought its just gonna be a night but the people that stayed there made my day. Now all four of us had like no plans to stay in Bari. I got stuck on the boat and Peter and Jane was sleeping on the train platform because they miss their train and Eddie was stuck in Bari coz he could'n go over to Croatia due to not having his proof of vehical ownership. What beautiful coincidence. Definately the best dinner i had so far. Beauty of the unplanned.
Next Up ... Naples

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