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UNESCO World Heritage POMPEI …

City of The Dead

Pompeii is one of those dead cities where nobody lives. It used to be a city long long time ago but Mount Vesuvius Volcano erupted on AD 79 and before the people could ran and leave the place it was buried in volcanic ash. Everyone died I think and the city was preserved until discovered and excavation dig was done (1748) to reveal the once majestic city. The city itself has almost everything and documented by its murals and distinguishes differences you could even see to this day were city walls, houses, town hall, butcher place, temples, necropolis, coliseum, theater hall, and the main tourist attraction would be the fact it has a brothel house within the dead city.

The place itself is massive and very dead as nothing was left other then the rock sturdy ruins made of stones. Only tourist now ventures into the city flocked with cameras only to find it a monotone of ruins. Well that’s because all the good stuff were preserved in the Naples Museum. (I found that out later when I visited the museum)

The museum showcases most of the artwork salvage from the Pompeii site itself, murals, mosaic, pottery, coins and trinkets. Due to the sudden death of the people living in the city during the excavation and conservation works some bright idiot decided to pour plaster into the corpse of these people.

The result was a live / dead sculpture that is as real as the time the people died long long time ago. However they died, sleeping or sitting or collapsed on the ground it was captured by the plaster and the face showing horror was no exception. The eeriness could be quite compelling hence I kinda understood why they only showcase a few of the plaster sculpture to the public. You could even see the actual hairs and skins still present within the plastercast. 

Sex Figurine
One of the hidden parts of the museum features the brothel section of Pompeii City. One have to cleverly stumble upon it if you are not looking or search like crazy to find it to see the amazing and incredible and disturbing items displayed in the sex museum department. Vivid Japanese otaku sex fetish is not a thing of the modern world I guess. It is very present in the old age too.

Often overshadowed by Pompeii is Herculaneum which is a town, much smaller than a Pompeii City but equally UNESCO worthy. Herculaneum suffered the same fate as Pompeii no doubt but the ruins were much better preserved. Three stories of building ruins can be seen today going deep into the ground where it was excavated.

One could only wonder how life is short and you never know what’s going to happen.

Note :
I wrote this without any reference other than what i wrote into my journal.
Link to Official Pompeii Website for more accurate info : 

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