Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Blogging in Past Tense …

My upcoming dilemma for this blog would be trying to keep the stories real. As I started the blog only after I have completed the first big trip in 2011-2012 I am faced with one big problem which is how to write the past travel post.

The articles no matter how much I try to relive that particular day would now eventually have insights into the future. Not a few days or a few weeks into the future but a few months as well. I have since fallen into the form of writing in a past tense feel but imputing as much of my feelings and considerations at that time.

The bad result I regret is that readers wouldn’t know the timeframe of my travels. It as if I seem to skip from one place to the other. In depth minute planning and stress planning is filtered out since I can’t remember all the small hurdles. The reason why I can’t remember the small hurdles is because they are overshadowed by future big hurdles which I had already overcome. Hence story telling only the most memorable ones.

The other problem would be upcoming travel trips. Do I wait and keep the post till my blog chronologically catches up or should I skip and post new adventures when the time arise? I have plans for a small getaway trip this coming May 2013 to Hong Kong and frankly I have not decided yet if I would put a pause in writing the RTW2011-2012 trip when the times comes.

I am also now careful in not trying to overkill a post. Keeping it as real as it is. Some places no matter how great may be a stay in the room for me for days just to rest from exhaustion hence a poorly written post about the place. I decided not to spice up the location giving insight that I have not experience. It would be like opening National Geographic --> Copy & Paste and that no doubt I believe will kill whatever genuine bad writing I have. 

This post itself is out of the norm breaking into the chronological order of my travels.

It isn’t the same as having a debate about a topic and posting it when it is fresh. I could never post any elaborate debate I encountered in my past travels now since it would be contaminated with new ideas.

I am also currently planning the next trip which would circle the southern hemisphere and the planning stages itself is one big dilemma worthy of many pages.

So I need some help … some opinion …

Do I keep the timeline order?


Do I break off and update new travel post while its fresh?

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