Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Roll The Dice …. Spin The Bottle …. Bratislava It Is Then.

Withdrawing Money from ATM Casino in Vienna

It was about time for me to refill the wallet which was running light. Every withdrawal which I made with my ATM card I would have to pay a SGD 5 transaction fee regardless of how much I took out. On top of that I was helpless on the exchange rate of the bank at that point in time.
I eyed the Casino and the ATM machine next to it.
Casino Wien
Good luck in Switzerland I remembered but was still weary of the double edge sword. If you had followed my gambling journey you would have known that by now I had a terrible itch since leaving Switzerland. I was lucky in Bern … lost a little of the winnings in Interlaken and searched Zurich for a casino to no avail and now the first opportunity came when I had to make a replenishment run.
I bite my lips and entered the casino with hopes and anxiety  ….
The casino required a more formal dress code and I had to part with a small token to check my jacket and borrow a formal coat. The casino was small but bustling with crowd. Everyone were happy, I noticed … a good sign. I started slow burning through my remaining funds about 200 euro in hand and after an hour or so broke even without gaining nor losing anything. I took more risk after that and started playing more and the result ….
I came out the casino with no money left in my pocket. It was a frustrating feeling, disappointment, horror and continuous self blame. How stupid could you be Ed! F*ck! Now I really had to draw money from the ATM for I had no more left for the next day and days to come. I have no idea why I did the next thing thou …. I went in again the next day with the freshly drawn 400 euro.
How stupid can you be Ed ! **repeat x 3**
I still look back and wonder how I survive that day. I went in and by some freaking luck or skill or jinx I won back all my losses plus profit of another 70 euro. I was now carrying a shitload of money on me. Hopefully no one knew ….

Spin the Bottle

Heading back to the hostel with my winnings I now had a decision to make. My last night in Vienna and where should I go next. I had skipped Prague due to the expensive train ticket from Salzburg choosing Vienna. Problem is the train ticket from Vienna to Prague did not even budge from the one before. More research and I found out I could take a bus for 7 euro to Bratislava. Slovakia was nowhere near my list of place to go but it was not because of what I heard but more of because it was off the way from my westward destination. Heck Vienna was not even on the list.

Then again I had money now. Free money or rather dangerously hard gain money which I could if I wanted lavishly splurge and hop onto the train to Prague.

There was no needs to waste hard earn money …

After all I could always stretch the money …

Who knows, the train ticket from Bratislava to Prague might be cheaper …

The cheapskate in me won ….

I decided to go to Bratislava

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