Saturday, 9 March 2013

We All Need a Break from a Holiday – Interlaken

I need a holiday from my holiday.

Crazy as it sounds backpacking can be very tiring. From non stop travel to sightseeing to constant brain usage of trying to figure out a map, looking for food, doing laundry and all the crazy survivor skills, I was so damm tired.

Interlaken Ost
I had also spend six hours “working” in Grand Casino Bern. So with new found sponsor I had to research for new excursions and plotted a route from Bern to Interlaken. Small town, very small and checked into the most luxurious hostel I have ever been to.

Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof

The Villa in that name was not a joke. This place was definitely the best hostel I have stayed in my whole journey and even those yet to come. They serve buffet breakfast, gave free laundry which was huge for me, spacious lounge, had TV room, garden, table tennis, large multiple kitchen, large personal lockers and even great staff to help guide you with things to do from dare devil activities to leisure getaways. They also have these tokens given for every night you stay which could work the Hot Chocolate / Tea / Coffee dispenser machine. Those were premium stuff all included into your price of stay.

I was on holiday from my travels sipping hot chocolate and enjoying the beautiful view of snow capped mountain top at the hostel just writing into my journal.

Swiss Rosti
Big fat wallet from Bern winnings also allowed me for once after a long time to dine in a restaurant. Marché Restaurant was present in Singapore and as much as I had visited them for the Rosti a traditional Swiss food made of shredded potato pan fried to perfection this was on a whole new level. Yum …

The Town & the Gambler

Interlaken was a bustling …. One street town …. Some souvenir shops, diner places, a big open field garden and …. Oh No … a Casino.

It was the perfect countryside if you minus the casino. That was like a thorn into my flesh every night with nothing much to do. I gave in one of those nights in thinking I could work for more travel expenses but loss 100 CHF. It was still a big Green in my book from Bern’s winning but I wasn’t about to waste my hard work and cut my trip short. Allocated gambling budget gone, I resided to enjoy the relaxed life but made a mental note to move on once I get too bored.

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