Thursday, 4 July 2013

Cologne & My Christmas Present

Cathedral at Koln

The border town to LALA Land … (Lala stands for Happy / Dream world / Crazy / High)

So close to Holland …. Where I would be called a drug tourist in the near future but that’s a story in the future.

So Cologne or Koln as they spell it with a small dash above the ‘n’ has a nice medieval feel to it with a humongous cathedral smack in the middle of the city. Although not as grand as some others but due to the small town size in comparison this cathedral, it stood out majestically.


Like any other town and after so many of em … my memory is stating to filter which bits are memorable enough to be retained.

( Also writing about it after a year plus doesn’t help )

The locks which I so often see around Europe was filled on grills on one of the main bridge crossing the major river cutting the town in half. From what I guess, Couples or loved ones would buy a lock …. As fancy as you can find …. Write each others name down and lock it o

So once a year or once in a lifetime or whatever, whenever you and your loved one comes back to the place the idea is to see that the locks stays through, unbroken throughout the year.

Love Locks - If you notice the Cut out Portion
Of course that’s if the municipal decided to let these irritating happy couples locks remain on the fence and does not become a sore eyes in terms of beauty. Then there is also the break ups … If you break up … come back with a huge cutter and rip that lock out of the fence like a big heartbreak …


Koln was one nice little shopping district town. Boy how the girls would love it especially near Christmas where not only the shopping district is so crowded by people doing Christmas present shopping, the Christmas market also feed into the shopping atmosphere making the town feel like one huge giant shopping center. All roads were closed to vehicles too so with the foot traffic its was like a stampede.

I joined in the shopping mood for once after a long time and was searching for a pair of glasses. I was still depending on my one and only glasses that I wore since the spare was stolen in the first fli
nto the grill (which is a fence to keep people from the main vehicle traffic) and throw aw
ay the key into the river.
My Self Christmas Present 2011
ght from Kuala Lumpur to Athens. So if by some bad luck it broke … ( It was already flimsy ) I would have been screwed.

The casino earning just before at Leipzig helped boost my morale for a good pair of glasses. In the end I got just the frame brand from Jaguar. My self Christmas Present J


  1. Great place. Love locks on the Rhine River, the Dom Cathedral, Hohenzollern Bridge is a breathtaking sight. Yesterday I visited and shared here.

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