Saturday, 14 September 2013

Antwerp …

Antwerp Train Station
Three nights in Antwerp and I would say it’s a nice and peaceful getaway from my holiday. The hostel (Abhostel) had a guitar that I played every night once everyone was clear of the common room … it was a super huge common room too and barely anyone around the hostel. Plus time I picked up a book called ‘The six scared stones’and finish it in the two days I was in the hostel. A good read only if it did end … to be continue on the second book …. What ?? Shit !! I have somehow picked up a series and had no way of getting the sequel to the books.

There is not much to do in Antwerp unfortunately unless you are on a shopping trip for apparently they say it’s a fashion town. Don’t ask me whys that but I guess it’s a local branding to mark an attraction to tourist ?? It was stated in the guide book as well but as any backpacker … shopping … nah … window shopping is the best I could live with.

Antwerp Shopping District
For the art buff, if you know him the painter Ruben was from Antwerp and his house has became a museum of sorts. I visited the house and it was surprisingly good filled with many painting I don’t understand … the other main attraction was the towns cathedral with was filled with Rubens painting of huge scale … I mean the paintings hung was larger than a normal human height .. It was unique in its own way.

Not so well advertised, Antwerp also had a red light district very similar to Amsterdam only the girls were not as hot or pretty as Amsterdam. Look for the top right corner of the local town map. Bearing North west

Out of the blue Dad sent me a sms message 3 am in the morning asking if I was alright. I replied yes and went back to sleep. … later that day when the hours were suitable for communication I was asking what was the sms for instead of a normal watsapp message which was free. Apparently somewhere in Belgium there had been a crazy man shooting people in the streets and a few had died. Well carry on with the holiday … onwards to Bruges !!

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