Tuesday, 3 September 2013

How to go from Holland to Belgium for 3 euro

I was woken up in the morning by Tweety Pie housemate coming back from Rotterdam as early as 6 am in the morning. It was ruckus at the house and before I knew it I was sitting and lighting a cigarette trying to wake up slowly. On the table I observed lied so many little white powder, pills, and some weed among all the trash of can drinks and food ….

What’s this I asked ?? …. Estacy …. Coke …. MDMA …. Much I dunnu …. And weed naturally …

Netherlands is a cool country I said …. with all the drugs being legal ….

All this … is not legal … YOU never saw this, replied the African brothers ….

You wannar any of this “Drug Tourist” ?? They asked ….

If I wasn’t planning to move on to another country the very same day who knows what my decision might be. I politely declined the offer not knowing how strict border crossing in Europe would be. I remember some had checks on trains and busses and sometime you barely knew when you cross the border but I was in no manner about to risk it.

First option was train … but Tweety pie gave a sketchy description of how a friend of a friend of hers went to Antwerp by local bus … only a few euros and only an hour or two ride she said. I decided to give it a go and followed the first instruction which was to go to the bus terminal in Tilburg … ask for how to get to Antwerp by local bus …..

( for those hoping to find a detail description … I am sorry I have forgotten exactly how I did it )

At lease I can give comfort that it can be done … I remembered asking a lot of people for help along the way …. In general it went like this

1. From Tillburg bus station ask around for which bus go to Antwerp and hopefully some kind soul will tell you to wait in line for a bus that will take you to the border where you need to get down and change bus company.

2. Get on the bus …. Double check with bus driver

3. End of the line for the bus and everyone will get down …. Just follow

4. Ask around like mad again for which line to queue up to go to Antwerp … normally most people go back on that bus anyway but just in case … ASK

5. Get on the bus …. Look out for Antwerp

You know you have just beaten the tourist traps when you learn how to cross one country to another for a mere few coins drop into the public local bus transport.

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